Antioch COVID-19 Small Business Impact Survey shows over 76% “drastically down” in sales or closed

Over 21% will either not reopen or relocate

By Dr. Sean Wright, COO, Antioch Chamber of Commerce

The Antioch Chamber of Commerce conducted a COVID-19 Small Business Impact Survey to assess the needs in our community and the effects of the corona virus community restrictions on the future of our business owners and their families.

Our quick survey asked three simple questions:

1-What assistance would be helpful to your business? (Mark all that apply)

Financial                                                                            82.5%

Educational                                                                         7.5%

Legal                                                                                 13.7%

Reduced Restrictions                                                     42.5%

2-How has your gross sales been impacted?

Gross sales are up                                                                5.0%

There has been no change in gross sales                         5.0%

Gross sales are slightly down                                           13.7%

Gross sales are drastically down                                      62.5%

I closed my business                                                          13.7%

3-What is your business outlook for 2021?

No Change                                                                           63.7%

Relocate the business                                                          6.2%

Expand the business                                                          15.0%

Close the business                                                             15.0%

The Antioch Chamber is concerned that 76% of our businesses have closed their business or seen drastic reductions in sales and that up to 21% of our businesses will not be open for business in our community in the future.  We must come together to support these vital parts of Antioch.

About the Chamber

Since 1938, the Antioch Chamber of Commerce has been providing services to local businesses to help them –and our city – succeed. The mission of the Chamber is to promote the Antioch Community, to represent and advocate for businesses with government, to help businesses to grow and to thrive through networking and educational opportunities, and to help create economic growth and jobs for our region. For more information about the Chamber, its members and its services, visit

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