Sutter Delta Medical Center staff among first to receive COVID-19 vaccine

On December 17, Sarah Fernando, RN, telemetry unit, and Dr. Josh Sheridan, medical director of Sutter Delta’s emergency department were among the first frontline healthcare workers to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Photos: Sutter Health

By Monique Binkley Smith, Media Relations Manager, Sutter Health

Jane Han, pharmacy director at Sutter Delta Medical Center and CEO Sherie Hickman, with the first delivery of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020. Photo: Sutter Health

Across the Sutter Health integrated network of care, we share the excitement and hope that comes with the first allocation and distribution of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. We have begun vaccinating frontline healthcare workers at our acute care hospitals, including Sutter Delta Medical Center where vaccination began on Thursday, December 17. Sutter requested the maximum allotment for our frontline healthcare workers and we will distribute the vaccine to them based on what we receive from the public health officials.

We have been actively working on plans for overall vaccine distribution, which includes infrastructure, staffing, equipment and supplies. We have assembled a task force of experts to work with state and local public health officials and plan for a staged approach to vaccine distribution across our integrated network, as manufacturing and distribution scales to meet vaccination needs across the U.S.

This first, very limited allocation of the Pfizer vaccine is being directed by county health officials, who are working closely with our local clinical and operational teams to plan for the allocation and distribution of vaccine at our acute sites.

Vaccination is voluntary and is offered at no cost to frontline workers. Frontline healthcare workers who are treating COVID-19 patients and high-risk groups will be prioritized. Generally, during this first phase, in accordance with guidance from public health officials, we will be offering vaccine first to frontline healthcare workers who are at the highest risk for exposure based on the care environment in which they work and the nature of their contact with patients.

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Jane Han and Sherie Hickman COVID Vaccine Delivery

Sarah Fernando RN & Dr Josh Sheridan

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