El Campanil Theatre brings Santa safely to your family

El Campanil Theatre Preservation Foundation presents “Live From The Workshop”. By appointment, now through December 20, 2020, online, in your home

Since the beginning of October, El Campanil Theatre has been finding ways to safely bring entertainment into the homes of their patrons and community with “Live From El Campanil”, a live-streamed concert series featuring outstanding performances across    music genres.

At the end of a tempestuous year, the non-profit El Campanil Theatre wanted to find another way to let    audiences enjoy the holiday season safely. “For me, one of the greatest holiday traditions is bringing your children and grandchildren to see Santa,” laments Executive Director Rick Carraher. “The pandemic has rightfully made us all wary about bringing our loved ones to a public place. We wanted to find a way to keep that very special tradition alive, somehow.”

“Live From The Workshop”, a limited holiday series running on weekends from December 5th-20th, is     trying something unique: a live Zoom chat with the Big Guy himself, Santa Claus, right from his workplace at the North Pole. For $20 per household, families can book 5-minute sessions with Santa, can ask questions, tell him what they want for the holidays, and, best of all, the families will get a downloadable link of their chat with Santa so they can treasure it forever.

Upon purchase, parents will also get a link to fill out a personalized form to give Santa’s team more information prior to the chat, and can even upload their child’s wish list or letter to Santa so that he can have it in advance.

Tickets are $20 per household and available at https://www.elcampaniltheatre.com/santafaq.html or by calling (925) 757-9500.

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