Contra Costa County had third highest Census 2020 self-response rate in state, tops its Census 2010 rate

By Matt Lardner, Census Outreach Coordinator, Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County achieved the third highest Census 2020 self-response rate of all California counties with a rate of 77.4% for the once-a-decade count of all residents. The County’s self-response rate also surpassed its Census 2010 rate of 72.1% by more than five points or a 7.4% increase.

The County’s Census 2020 self-response rate outperformed the country’s 67% and the state’s 69.6% self-response rates. Nearly all of the cities in the County surpassed their 2010 rates, and those that did not were within 1% of doing so. See response rates by city in Contra Costa County in this Census 2020 report.

Contra Costa County’s Complete Count Steering Committee and 67 community based organizations collaborated on the Census 2020 count. The County’s high response rate is owed in large part to the work of cities, agency and community partners, and trusted messengers who helped reach Contra Costa residents, including hard-to-count populations.

“Our success in Contra Costa County could not have happened without the strong partnerships with our local non-profits and community based organizations,” said District 3 Supervisor Diane Burgis, Chair of the Complete Count Committee. “We have built lasting relationships and capacity that will be mutually beneficial as we collaborate on outreach in all aspects of our work.”

“Thanks to all of the residents who responded to the Census. You have guaranteed that Contra Costa County will receive its fair share of representation and much-needed funding for critical programs and infrastructure for the next decade,” said District 2 Supervisor and Board Chair Candace Andersen, Vice-Chair of the Complete Count Committee.

Now the U.S. Census Bureau will prepare the data to present to the President on December 31, 2020. The redistricting process will begin in Spring 2021.

Information about Contra Costa County’s Census 2020 outreach and impact are available at

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