Antioch Police to investigate Tuesday dirt bike riding incident with new councilwoman’s sons following profanity-laced Facebook rant

“I will be hiring an outside, independent investigator to conduct the investigation.” – Antioch Police Chief T Brooks

Antioch Councilwoman Tamisha Torres-Walker in a Facebook Live video she posted on Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020. Screenshot of video now on YouTube.

By Allen Payton

On Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020 two boys were stopped by Antioch Police for riding a quad and dirt bike on city streets. The quad was seen by this reporter pulled over in the 1900 block of A Street, facing south in the right, northbound lane. Their mother is new Councilmember Tamisha Torres-Walker who represents District 1.

She posted a nine-minute, tearful, profanity-laced Live video on one of her Facebook pages, later that day, calling the Antioch Police “motherf—-rs” and “a—holes”, and complaining they chased down her sons, side swiped them, bumped the quad and pulled out their tazers, but didn’t use them. Tores-Walker said she told the police officers “you don’t know who I am” but claims she said that because she doesn’t care that she’s a council member.

“I don’t care. I don’t care. Like, when I say ‘you don’t know who I am’ you better believe that I’m saying I don’t give a f—- about being a city council member. That’s what I’m saying,” she said in the video. “So, when I say ‘you don’t know who I am’ I’m not trying to say ‘I’m a city council member.’ What I’m trying to say is I don’t give a f— about being a city council member. That’s what I’m trying to say, that you don’t know me about my kids.”

“I fixing to get off of this Live, right now,” Torres-Walker continued with a chuckle. “I’m so mad, right now. I’m not scared enough to back down from this sh–. My son is all f—ed up, right now, because he didn’t know what y’all was going to do and this is a child. So, yes, I will be filing a complaint.”

“This sh– is just out of line,” she concluded.

The video has since been removed from her Facebook page. But was able to capture and post it on YouTube. The video can be viewed, here. (Warning: video contains graphic language)

In the video, Torres-Walker mentions her two sons who were “out here having fun” including one who is 13 years old. The age of her other son was not shared. Efforts to reach her for more details and to answer questions were unsuccessful prior to publication time, including if they live on or near A Street and if she’s aware it’s illegal to ride dirt bikes and quads on city streets.

Chief Brooks Responds

In response to questions about the incident and what the Antioch Police Department had to say about it and will do, Chief T Brooks offered the following, official response: “I am aware of the video and the incident in question. I take these allegations very seriously and have initiated an investigation into the matter. In order to ensure a fair, impartial, and objective process is completed, I will be hiring an outside, independent investigator to conduct the investigation.”

In addition, an APD sergeant said he expected a press release about the incident to be issued, soon.

Councilmembers Asked About Possible Censure

Finally, immediately prior to publication, Mayor Lamar Thorpe, Mayor Pro Tem Monica Wilson and Council Members Lori Ogorchock and Mike Barbanica were asked if any of them will consider censuring Walker for her comments, as Antioch residents have been asking on social media. That’s especially in light of Wilson’s successful effort to not merely censure former Planning Commission Chair Kenny Turnage, but her, Thorpe’s and Ogorchock’s votes to remove him for his controversial comments about COVID-19 on Facebook, earlier this year.

Please check back later for updates to this report.

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