Halloween email from Glover against Kramer claim he’s guilty, Kramer responds it includes false accusations and attempted jury tampering

Front page of the Glover campaign mailer included in Oct. 20th and 31st emails.

Lists seven accusations against him, including the charge Kramer is currently facing in court; claims he’s guilty although trial just began last week

“There’s nothing in the county’s accusation of sexual harassment. But rather ‘inappropriate behavior’. Period.” – Gus Kramer

Claims timing connected to revelation of county overpaying for Motel 6 in Pittsburg for homeless program

By Allen Payton

In a late campaign attack email sent by the Federal Glover for Supervisor 2020 campaign using the address “communityleaders@federalglover.com” on Halloween, Saturday, Oct. 31 it shows copies of a mailer sent out previously, referring to his opponent, Gus Kramer, as “Bad Boy Assessor” and listing the charges one of which he’s currently facing in court. It’s most of the same information Glover’s campaign also emailed out on Oct. 20.

The subject line of the first email read, “Why we CANNOT vote for Gus Kramer – Who does this to women and remains in public office?” in an attempt to convict Kramer before his trial has concluded. That email also included the following comment by Pittsburg Councilwoman Merle Craft:

It then shows three part of the mailer with seven women, including Craft, Antioch Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock, Pinole Mayor Pro Tem Norma Martinez-Rubin and former Hercules Mayor Myrna De Vera, making various accusations against Kramer.

The second email included the following statement and quote of the endorsement editorial by Dan Borenstein of the East Bay Times:

In an email on Sept. 16 sent out by Pittsburg “Councilmember Holland Barrett White” using the same email address, and also paid for by the Glover campaign, the subject line reads, “Misconduct, Sexual Harrassment – Why Gus Kramer isn’t fit for office”, also claiming Kramer is guilty before his trial began. That email then included Borenstein’s entire endorsement editorial.

At the bottom of each email they read, “Paid for by Federal Glover for Supervisor 2020 – ID No 991595”.

Kramer Responds

“Sounds like attempted jury influencing,” Kramer said when reached for comment. “Or jury tampering, seriously and if anyone knows better it’s Federal Glover. Considering what his campaign is doing is a felony, this would not be his first felony.”

“He should condemn his campaign people for their blatantly immoral, illegal act trying to influence,” Kramer continued. “He should be standing up and apologizing for such an egregious act.”

“In 2018 when the Grand Jury was investigating the whole case, Borenstein wrote an editorial calling for my resignation,” Kramer explained. “Then that was sent to the Grand Jury Alumni Association which in turn sent out a newsletter with Borenstein’s editorial in it, verbatim highlighting all the action words such as ‘expunge’ and ‘sexual harassment’ that went to every Contra Costa Grand Jury member.”

“It was the most blatant attempt at jury influencing. I was so shocked. I sent DA Becton a letter about it and she did not respond or do anything about it,” he continued. “This type of thing Federal is doing now, is typical of their strong-arm tactics that Federal and his allies are known for.”

“The Times has been on Glover’s side and protecting him for re-election for years,” Kramer said. “Two years ago, Borenstein wrote an editorial that I should be removed from office claiming I was accused of sexual harassment when that was not true. I was accused of inappropriate conversations.”

“In this whole case, no one had any sex, he explained. “I never asked anyone out to dinner, coffee, lunch, anything. I never attempted to touch, kiss or hug anybody. I never used any bad words. I never described any body parts or functions. Yet, here we are, today because Margaret Eychner and her posse of friends from the Assessor’s Office conspired to weaponize the ‘metoo’ movement to get me to retire mid-term so she could be appointed by the Board of Supervisors as Assessor. There’s documented testimony on her part and on her supervisor’s part that saying that which has come out in court in the last three days. It’s a matter of court record.”

“I wrote a letter to the editor telling them they better retract it or I will sue them,” Kramer said.

“I wrote a letter to the editor telling them they better retract it or I will sue them,” Kramer said. “On Sept. 6 they did. They retracted it. But they put it on page four or six on the lower left corner and the print was so small, smaller than their regular type, the size of a legal notice. They called it a correction, not a retraction.”

“There’s nothing in the county’s accusation of sexual harassment. But rather ‘inappropriate behavior’. Period,” he stated.

Claims Supervisors Withheld Evidence From Grand Jury

“The Board of Supervisors wouldn’t release to the Grand Jury the two reports done by two separate attorneys hired by the county to investigate the allegations,” Kramer claimed. “But they’ve been released in court, now. Both reports state that there was lack of any evidence of sexual harassment. They knew that if the Grand Jury would read them that they would not have pursued the accusation.”

“In addition, Nakano, the Grand Jury foreman, demonstrated his prejudice early on, and then later when he destroyed notes and recordings of their secret proceedings on the case that would have exonerated me,” he continued.

“The only thing the county and Board released to the Grand Jury were “some screenshots of texting that were cut and pasted out of context.” One of the two women who is accusing Kramer did not supply the entire thread of the texts.

“When the reports from the private investigators are finally made public, which the Board of Supervisors commissioned and now are in court, they, the County Civil Grand Jury, the East Bay Times and the District Attorney will be dutifully embarrassed,” Kramer said. “And they will owe me, and more importantly the citizens of Contra Costa County, a huge apology for this wonton waste of public funds for this malicious prosecution of your county Assessor who has been working hard for you.”

“They are also wasting the court’s time, which is backed up and unnecessarily exposing hundreds of people to COVID-19, to draw a jury, while this pandemic is going on,” he continued. “It just shows how desperate the Board of Supervisors are to get me out of office, and the conspiracy they’re pursuing with the District Attorney that is totally irresponsible.”

“They’re spending when all the Board has to do is they made a mistake, admit they violated the Brown Act and say they were sorry. I’m not looking for money,” Kramer said, referring to his own lawsuit against the county. “They’ve spent over $200,000 which is the cost of one Deputy Sheriff and one clerk. Because the Board is lying and conspiring behind closed doors, even though a violation of the Brown Act is not even a misdemeanor, it’s an infraction. But, once the Board conspired collectively to cover up the violation, and to spend public money to cover it up it immediately becomes a felony and a RICO violation added to the charge. The FBI should be in there investigating this.”

“Something that will come out in court, beginning tomorrow is the fact that Eychner got really upset and started complaining about me, when she admitted, actually bragged to multiple people in the office, that she had not one, but two married boyfriends, not referring to me,” he continued. “One of her boyfriends was a big, union rep and the other was a local elected official, and she got caught by their wives and she was all bummed about it, that she got caught. That will come out in court as all the people in the office are going to testify about this next week.

“The reason Glover sent out that email on Saturday, is in response to the fact I called him out for overspending by $4 to $5 million on the Motel 6 in Pittsburg to use for the homeless, which wasn’t publicly known until they released the appraisal this past week,” Kramer added. “That’s also a RICO violation as a waste of taxpayer funds. The Grand Jury should be all over that, too.” (See related article)

Kramer shared more in an Oct 15th post on his campaign website.

District 5 (V on the map, below) includes portions of Antioch, and most or portions of the other communities along Highway 4 in the northern part of the county. The election is Tuesday.

Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors District 5 Map.

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