Antioch POP Team recovers three more illegal firearms, one with help of community members

Suspect arrested, illegal guns drugs. Photos by APD.

Illegal drugs also confiscated from two suspects

By Antioch Police Department

Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020 at about 1:00 pm, the POP (Problem Oriented Policing) Team was patrolling the 2200-block of San Jose Drive, when they spotted a vehicle parked in an awkward position, making it difficult for other cars to maneuver around. When officers investigated further, they saw the driver appeared to be asleep at the wheel with the car still in drive. One slip off the brake could have ended badly for all those around, so officers placed their patrol cruiser in-front-of the vehicle to prevent a tragedy. Officers tapped on the window and woke the driver, who was quite surprised to see a couple of officers at his window. They noticed he had “BAPE” satchel across his chest and asked for permission to search, which revealed a loaded firearm inside. Carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle is not allowed in our state, so he was placed under arrest accordingly.

About four hours later, POP officers were patrolling West 10th and K Streets when they spotted someone they knew had an outstanding felony warrant inside of a convenience store buying a lottery ticket. Realizing his luck was about to run out, said individual got a sudden case of the munchies, and started purchasing various snacks. Officers met him inside to discuss the warrant (and proper snacking) but saw he had something unusual sticking out of his waistband – a loaded firearm. His criminal history prohibited possession of firearms, so he was placed under arrest on weapon and drug possession charges, along with the outstanding warrant.

Photos by APD.

And finally, Thursday at around 11:00 am, POP Team officers attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle for several violations near East 18th and Hillcrest. The driver failed to stop and began driving recklessly, so officers decided to stop their chase, but continued to check the area. It was then officers found the vehicle had collided with three parked vehicles on Merrill Street, but the driver was nowhere to be found. Antioch Strong community members stepped up and told officers not only which way he went, but what he was wearing. A swarm of blue uniforms converged on the area and found our man hiding in a backyard. A loaded 9 mm pistol was also discovered along his flight path, so was sent to the County Jail for evading an officer and weapon charges.

How can you contact POP Team for help with crime near your home or business? I have two ways for you – you can email them at or send an anonymous text tip to 274637 and use the keyword ANTIOCH.

Fans of APD – what do you think about the POP Team’s efforts to reduce crime and keep Antioch safe? #antiochpdca #apdpopteam #antiochstrong


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Illegal guns & drugs APD 11-11-20

Suspect arrested & illegal gun & drugs APD 11-11-20

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