Writer who regularly speaks out on issues endorses Wright for Mayor of Antioch

Dear Editor,

I have followed the Antioch City Council for years (and I am certainly no stranger to the public comment podium). Experience teaches that the important issues facing our city are surprisingly complicated. Success requires being open minded, communication, intelligent decision making, and experience seeking solutions that are right for Antioch. Taking into account these vital qualities, and in light of the challenges facing our city, I am certain that the right person for Mayor of Antioch continues to be Sean Wright.

Sean Wright’s only political ambition is to be Antioch’s mayor; he is not using our city as a steppingstone for future political aspirations. In other words, he puts Antioch’s interests first. Mayor Wright is not beholden to any political party bosses, hence we need not worry about our city becoming a hobby horse for outside interests that will force Antioch down failed paths and someone else’s agenda. I have always been impressed with Mayor Wright’s in-depth knowledge of the issues, no doubt the product of his ability reach out and listen to people. His livelihood is here in Antioch, his children attend Antioch public schools, active in the Chamber of Commerce – these are just a few examples of how Sean Wright is deeply rooted in Antioch and committed to its success.

Especially important in these difficult times is that Sean Wright is transparent. There are no hidden agendas, no backroom deals, no maneuvering to pack the City Council with allies or employees, and no smear campaigns promulgating lies. Such antics will only serve to divide our city and call into question the motivations of their perpetrators.

I am voting to re-elect Sean Wright as Mayor of Antioch. With all sincerity I ask that you vote for him too. I guess you could say, “I like Wright.”

With Kind Regards,

Dr. Jeffrey Klingler

Antioch Resident (22 years)

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