Writer unhappy with negative campaigns wants Antioch people to join together, love each other

Dear Editor:

This is not the time for promoting hate by any candidate. Do we not see what is going on in this country. Is there nowhere that peace and dignity reigns during this time? People are dying. Racism and division rules.

What is all this really about and is it worth it? I guess unity and respect for one another has digressed.
No candidate is all good and none are all bad. Can we come together in a non-political environment and spend time talking about how we will rebuild community for real, and just talk about it?

I want to love people the way Christ has shown us. Whether you believe in Christ or not, I believe most of us in this community believe in unity and care. I’m not going to lie. Love is a struggle right now. Will people who want to love one another come together?

Iris Archuleta


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