Three San Francisco “lady larcenists” arrested with lots of loot from Antioch store Sunday

The lady larcenist loot bags full of items stolen from the Walgreens store on Deer Valley Road on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020. Photos by APD.

Two run, one had multiple outstanding warrants

By Antioch Police Department

What happens when retail theft suspects raid one of our local stores and start loading garbage bags full of merchandise? Read-on, and I’ll tell you….

On Sunday at about 4:42 pm, APD Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call reporting three (3) lady larcenists clearing entire shelves and filling bags with store merchandise at the Walgreens on Deer Valley Road. Our caller remained calm and gave a description of their getaway vehicle while APD swing shift officers raced to the scene. Officers caught them near the south side of the parking lot as they were inspecting their loot.

Two ran from the car (leaving behind the third accomplice) and officers gave chase. Both were detained without incident and brought back to the scene, where one decided to try her hand at a game of “Guess my Identity?” Our officers are experts at this game and quickly learned her true name, revealing her motive for fibbing. You see, it turns out she had several outstanding warrants from San Francisco County for (you guessed it!) burglary, theft, and child endangerment.

Antioch Police officers collect the lady larcenist loot bags full of items stolen from Walgreens on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020. Photos by APD.

All three San Francisco residents were arrested on new charges of burglary, grand theft, and criminal conspiracy. Two adults were fitted with chrome bracelets and given a ride in our luxurious shuttle to the County Jail in Martinez, so they could tell others that Antioch isn’t the place for malfeasance. The third, who was 17 years old, received a future court date and was released to a relative (according to youth offender protocols). Several thousand dollars in merchandise was returned to satisfied employees at the store.

Retail theft continues to be a HUGE problem in California. What can you do if you witness a crime in-progress? NEVER place yourself in danger and get on the phone with 9-1-1 when it is safe to do so. Our exceptional dispatchers will first ask for your location, and then ask for suspect and vehicle descriptions. Oh, and if you’re thinking about coming to Antioch to victimize our businesses, we are powered by #AntiochStrong residents and business owners who won’t tolerate that nonsense here. #antiochpdca


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Lady larcenist loot bags & cars APD 10-11-20

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