Op-Ed: Opponent says Ogorchock is off focus calling for moratorium on charter schools in Antioch instead of on city matters

Dear Editor:

At the end of Tuesday night’s council meeting, Councilmember Lori Ogorchock called for a moratorium on charter schools in the city.  As a City Councilmember, why is she concerned with a school board issue, and not focusing on the major issues that the city is currently dealing with?  The topic on the Rivertown Revitalization came up, and she had no real comments on that item besides being confused on what Mayor Pro Tem Joy Motts was asking.

When Mayor Sean Wright asked for suggestions for future agenda items, this is where a leader takes the opportunity to place ideas on the agenda for the city council to discuss. Revitalization of the Nick Rodriguez Community Center could have been placed on the agenda.  With property renovations and expansions of that center, both the youth and senior citizens can enjoy the community center.  Currently, the youth who live the vicinity of the Nick Rodriguez Community Center do not have the same luxuries as the Antioch Community Center on Lone Tree Way.

Revitalization includes reducing blight.  Antioch goes beyond the Rivertown and many area of Antioch are experiencing blight.  A new topic on city-wide beautification could have been added to the agenda.  As a council representative of District 3, losing focus on the rest of the city does the residents of Antioch a disservice.  We need broader thinking.  Focusing on something the city council has nothing to do with instead of on the issues they can do something about is what has brought us to where we are in the last six years since Lori Ogorchock was elected.

It is time to place cleaning up Antioch on the agenda, and really mean it.  The city is divided into districts.  However, we are one city.  My recommendation as an agenda item is to place citywide, small beautification projects on the agenda.  Let’s start small and work our way around the city.

Our city deserves the best.  As a candidate for Antioch City Council, District 3, I plan to focus on cleaning up our city, ensuring the development and availability of youth development programs here in Antioch, and ensuring our police department is funded and staffed in order to protect and uphold the beauty of our city.  This election year is our chance to make necessary change.  November 3rd, vote Antwon Webster for Antioch City Council, District 3.


Antwon Webster


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