Letter writer unhappy with salaries of Antioch school district employees during COVID-19, lack of student services

Dear Editor:

How about you do a long story or set of stories and publish the salaries of the Antioch Unified 2,700+ employees collecting outrageous pay amounts while the children in the district are getting sub-par or no services. It’s all on TransparentCalifornia.com. The district has contractors “providing services” for special needs children through “distance learning”. Services for mentally handicapped children through a computer screen. Children that cannot talk and do not have fine motor skills to operate the computer.

Yet, these same contractors also work for doctor’s offices and provide in-person services through medical insurance. The kicker is medical insurance won’t pay for these services after three years old because the public schools are required under federal laws to provide it free. But they’re not providing it either, as Sec. 504 of the ADA requires.


Thomas Giles


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