Letter writer supports DA Becton’s reforms and Sean Wright for Antioch Mayor, endorses Lewis for school board

Dear Editor:

Since this appears to be an issue, I’d like to make something clear.

District Attorney Diana Becton is brilliant, someone I admire and respect and am blessed to be able to consider her a friend.  I 100% believe she is making resource decisions that are difficult and should not be challenged until or unless you understand resource limitations.  This is not about her protecting criminals. It is about making sure we have the resources to prosecute violent and high-level crimes. I agree with that and support the decisions she has had to make.

With that said, since I am an adult and have the right to make my own decisions, I am supporting Sean for Mayor.

I also supporting Fernando Sandoval against Greg Enholm, and Clyde Lewis for school board.

I also support Tammany Brooks our Police Chief, and anybody that calls him racist should research his background.  His father is Black and he grew up in the hood and knows more about crime and real life more than many people I know. He grew up the way I did, and I have nothing but respect for him.

If this offends anybody, that’s your right.

I have one more thing to say everybody.

I can’t not share other things I know about people running for office during election season.

Although I was and still am hurt by Ken Turnage’s opinion about older people because of my own age, I would be wrong to not share that Ken helped save the lives of one of my students and one of my family members by blessing them with jobs and emotional support when they both needed it.

Iris Archuleta



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