Candidate Profile: Rakesh Kumar Christian for Mayor of Antioch

Rakesh Kumar Christian for Mayor of Antioch

Rakesh Kumar Christian

Make Antioch #1!

I am a man of principles. God gave me many opportunities in my life. I jumped into politics because revolutionary acts can mean success for all humankind. My desire is simply to serve others, solve problems and meet needs. Antioch residents are aware of the mismanagement in our city. When I speak to them, I tell them, I promise you that I will make Antioch the Best, so help me God!”

Please call me at (510) 786-8909 or email me at

My Priorities:

Economic Development

– Local, Quality Jobs

– Improve Downtown.

Public Safety

Fiscal Responsibility & Accountability

– Eliminate positions we can’t afford!

Quality Services

Seniors & Youth Services

Parks & Recreation

Improved Education


Growth & Development



Chemist – performed research of ingredients for HIV/AIDS medication.

Regional General Manager for a fast food chain – overseeing 1,000’s of employees

“I understand how business works – budgets, hiring and managing people!”

“I understand how to read Profit & Loss Statements.


Bachelor’s Degree in Education – math, science & statistics, and Chemistry

Master’s Degree in Chemistry

Successful Immigrant

Vote Rakesh Kumar Christian for Mayor.

Let’s Make Antioch #1 – the Best City in the County, State, Nation & World!

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