Candidate Profile: Jim Davis for Antioch City Treasurer

Antioch City Treasurer Jim Davis.

It is my desire to continue as Antioch City Treasurer based on my wide and diverse experience and training. I have a firm working knowledge and understanding of the numerous duties and responsibilities of this vital position and its required functions. Having managed people and departments for over 30 years and served in public office for 14 years, including Mayor, I have a rich appreciation for all and can relate to all diverse backgrounds.

Given my banking background I have a strong analytical aptitude to understand financial issues and budgets.  I  have extrapolated my experience in reviewing and adopting guidelines for the Statement of Investment Policy in compliance with state law, control of wire transfers, field check custodian, processing requests for paying off Assessment District 26 and 27/31 debt, processing travel claims, reviewing paid warrants, preparing the Treasurer’s Report to the Council and managing the Certificate of Deposits and all other required duties as set forth in the Government and Municipal Codes all within and under the set office budget.

Antioch’s investment portfolio of $120,000,000 is well diversified and properly invested in highly performing companies and government securities with appropriate high credit ratings.

During these times of economic, political, social uncertainly and unrest it is critical to maintain financial continuity and stewardship with an experienced Treasurer, I have a proven track record of achievements. Now is not the time to change this continuity in leadership.

Please vote for James “Jim” Davis for Antioch City Treasurer.


Cell: (925) 890-4503

Facebook: @Elect-Jim-Davis-Antioch-City-Treasurer-106313474551119/


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