Antioch Police Officers explain why they endorse Wright for Mayor, claim electing Thorpe will increase crime

In an email on Sunday, the Antioch Police Officers Association sent out the following message to Antioch residents:

Voters may have received a mailer from Mayor candidate Lamar Thorpe claiming he is for greater law enforcement efforts in Antioch. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

There is a reason the Antioch Police Officers’ Association has endorsed the re-election of Mayor Sean Wright and NOT Lamar Thorpe. Mr. Thorpe’s vision for the future of Antioch will INCREASE CRIME, increase our HOMELESS POPULATION and lead to further blight in our City. Here’s what we know:

Lamar Thorpe is the leader in the effort to DEFUND the Antioch Police, which would be devastating to our effort to fight crime in our community.

Lamar Thorpe initiated the proposal to turn the Executive Inn Motel on E. 18th and Cavallo into permanent housing for the homeless. This motel is 1/4 mile from 4 Antioch Schools and the Antioch Youth Sports Complex. We think this will only attract more crime to this vulnerable area.

Lamar Thorpe voted against accepting a Department of Justice yearly grant of $750,000 to return School Resource Officers to 6 Antioch schools where we need them most.

In contrast, Mayor Sean Wright has added 20+ new police officers (we’re now at 118) to the Antioch Police Department. He opposes Lamar Thorpe’s homeless motel and voted to accept the grant to further protect our students.

What happens this election is extremely important for the future of Antioch. Please join us in supporting Mayor Sean Wright’s re-election. Thank you.

Antioch Police Officers’ Association

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