Op-Ed: Actions speak louder than words – campaign season begins

By John Crowder

Today is Labor Day.  It’s a day to celebrate the workers of America, those who have helped our country to become the greatest nation on earth by showing up every day and getting the job done…whatever that job might be.

Labor Day also marks a political milestone.  It is the unofficial start to campaign season, as those running for elected office ramp up operations to get their message out to voters.

Unfortunately, now more than ever, it is also the time when disinformation, lies, and omissions are pushed on social media and on “news” programs.

We have already seen this with the latest smear of President Donald Trump in a recent magazine article.  In the article, it is claimed that the president is disdainful of veterans, and that he made remarks indicating such.  Those pushing this ridiculous narrative ignore the fact that several people who were present where this supposedly took place have said the story is false, and that people with no love lost for Trump have discussed the event in depth and provided a completely different story.

The sad fact is, leftists in this country hate the president, hate America, hate law enforcement, and, if you support any of them, they hate you.  They also hate the military, which makes the narrative they are pushing even more absurd, as they stake their claim for righteous indignation.

But we do not need to wonder who to believe.  As the adage states, “Actions speak louder than words.”  When you hear statements…and you’ll hear a lot more of them…about the president saying this or that, stop for a moment, and consider the actions of those making the claims, and compare them with the actions of the president.

President Trump has been the greatest friend to men and women who are serving, and who have served, in the military that they have ever had.  Just a few of his accomplishments include:

  • Supporting military spouses with increased job opportunities
  • Supporting veterans’ access to educational opportunities, including online classes and STEM
  • Dramatically improving the quality of care at the Veterans Administration
  • Investing heavily in rebuilding the American military
  • Signing into law the largest military pay raise in a decade

Trump’s opponents also have a record.  A record of lying to a FISA court to obtain bogus warrants on members of Trump’s campaign team (including veterans), a record of lying about a “Russian conspiracy,” a record of lying about, and impeaching the president on, the Ukraine hoax, lying about Trump statements, and running a nonstop “orange man bad” narrative with their propaganda arm, the mainstream media.

Behind this latest nefarious hoax are two things.  First, as I have already mentioned, is an intense hatred of the president and those that support him.  Second, a desire to put doubt in the mind of Trump supporters, those who can see with their own eyes what the president has done for them, and to suppress their votes.

So, no matter what you hear over the next two months, remember the adage, “Actions speak louder than words,” then take a minute to look at what actions each side has taken.  Your choice will be clear.

Crowder is a former reporter for the Herald.


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