Community leader endorses Antwon Webster in Antioch City Council District 3 race

Former Chair of Economic Development Commission Keith Archuleta says, “He is what Antioch needs.”

Keith Archuleta.

Dear Editor:

Antioch is a great place to live. It is a beautiful city full of parks and playgrounds; a city growing in rich diversity and talent.

And, like most communities throughout our country simultaneously struggling with this health crisis, a downturn in the retail economy, and rising income inequality for working families, we are facing complex challenges.

Now is the time for leadership that recognizes the assets we already have in this community. Now is the time for leadership that is inspirational and forward thinking. Now is the time for leadership that unites us to work together as one community to address our many challenges.

After many conversations with Antwon Webster, I have concluded that he has the ideas, experience, expertise, and compassion needed to provide the leadership we need on the Antioch City Council.

In listening to the needs of residents and business owners, Antwon has developed goals in three priority areas; goals which I strongly support:

  • Decreasing crime by continuing to hire an adequate level of law enforcement for the size of our city and supporting our community policing efforts, as we strengthen positive relationships with neighborhoods and provide more activities for our youth.
  • Facilitating smart economic development through accessing entrepreneurship and business development training and capital to support the growth and stability of our local industry and small businesses. In order to get commuters off the roads and working closer to home, we need more local jobs, increased work-based learning and internships for youth through school-business partnerships, and effective job training programs to ensure the readiness of our local workforce.
  • Fostering transparent government through increased clarity about decision-making and resident education on how our tax dollars are spent.

Antwon Webster.

In addition, Antwon’s understanding, creativity and compassion will help our city address the needs of our unhoused resident population. Homelessness is a complex societal problem and government alone cannot solve it. Working to develop creative alternatives and developing concrete actions are what is needed; not merely scapegoating this vulnerable population.

The County and our private sector must share the responsibility for developing an effective unhoused resident program. And we must support and partner with our local non-profit organizations who are already striving to provide needed wrap-around services, such as food, job training, and other assistance to meet the needs of our homeless families and children.

As a military veteran and project manager with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Antwon has demonstrated the leadership skills, project management experience, and land use expertise to provide effective and dependable leadership on the Antioch City Council.

Moreover, his concern for this community is genuine. Since moving to Antioch, he has been a public servant leader, demonstrating his commitment as a member of the Antioch Board of Administrative Appeals, where he reviews municipal code violations. He is also an active member of the Antioch Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis and Lions clubs, the Antioch Historical Society, and other community-serving organizations. He is about people, not politics.

That’s why I am endorsing Antwon Webster for Antioch City Council, District 3.

He is what Antioch needs; he will bring our city together; and he will move Antioch forward.

Vote Antwon Webster for Antioch City Council, District 3.

Check him out at


Keith Archuleta

Antioch resident, Former Chair, Antioch Economic Development Commission

Antwon Webster Letter of Endorsement KArchuleta

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