Wright qualifies for, Wilson withdraws from Antioch mayor’s race – but will she run for re-election?

City Clerk Arne Simonsen administers the oath of office as a candidate to Mayor Sean Wright as he files papers for re-election on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. Photo from the Wright for Mayor campaign.

Motts files for District 1 council seat, Simonsen qualifies for City Clerk, Barbanica qualifies for District 2 council contest

By Allen Payton

Screenshot of the post on Wilson’s city council Facebook page on July 18, 2020.

More political maneuvering occurred on Tuesday as Antioch Councilwoman Monica Wilson became the third candidate to withdraw from the race for Mayor of Antioch, while incumbent Mayor Sean Wright qualified to run for re-election, today becoming the third candidate to do so. However, it’s not clear if Wilson will be running for re-election to the city council in District 4 where she lives, as a July 18 post announcing it was removed from her council Facebook page.

UPDATE: In an email on Wednesday morning, Wright wrote, “Antioch Residents, So honored to turn in my official papers yesterday to file for re-election as your Mayor. We have many challenges ahead, including the effects of this pandemic on our community. This is a time where experience really matters. I am ready, with your support, to continue to move Antioch forward. Dr. Sean Wright – Antioch Mayor.”

Mayor Pro Tem Joyann Motts filed her papers for the District 1 council seat but, is awaiting the verification of her nomination signatures. Michael Barbanica qualified for the ballot for the District 2 council seat, making it a two-man race.

In an email on Tuesday afternoon, Barbanica wrote, “I filed my official paperwork today to become a candidate for Antioch City Council District 2 – NOT with a promise but with an accomplishment we’ve made to prevent noisy and dangerous sideshows in our city. This is the kind of leadership you can expect if I’m elected to the City Council. I would be honored to earn your support.”

In addition, City Clerk Arne Simonsen qualified to run for re-election while Antioch School Board Trustee Ellie Householder filed her papers to challenge him. But, like Motts, she awaits verification of her nomination signatures.

It might not be a surprise to some that Wilson changed her mind and decided to not run for mayor. Because on Saturday, July 18, 2020 she wrote on her council Facebook page that she was a candidate for City Council in District 4, just two days after Wilson took out her Nomination Papers to run for mayor.

“Re-elect Monica to Antioch CA City Council, District 4,” she wrote. “Running for Re-election in the new District 4, Monica is proud to represent Antioch CA and to serve the community since 2012.”

However, that post is no longer visible on her Facebook page and Wilson did not respond to a text at 9:02 pm Tuesday night asking if she is going to run for re-election in District 4 or not at all. Those questions will be answered over the next three days if she takes out and files papers for the city council race, as the deadline is this Friday, August 7 at 5:00 p.m.

According to the Tuesday report from City Clerk Arne Simonsen, the following Antioch residents have taken out Nomination Papers, Withdrawn, Filed or Qualified as of 5 p.m. August 4th, for the following City offices:


Sean Wright (I) – Qualified on 8/4/20

Julio Mendez – Qualified on 7/31/20

Rakesh Kumar Christian – Qualified on 7/22/20

Kenneth Turnage II

Monica Wilson – Withdrawn 8/4/20

Wade Harper – Withdrawn 7/31/20

Gabriel Makinano

Elizabeth Householder – Withdrawn 8/3/20

Council District 1

Joyann Motts – Filed on 8/4/20 (awaiting signature verification)

Manuel Soliz

Fernando Navarrete

La Donna Norman

Tamisha Walker

Council District 2

Tony Tiscareno – Qualified on 7/30/20

Michael Barbanica – Qualified on 8/4/20

Council District 4

Alex Astorga

Sandra White – Qualified on 8/3/20

City Clerk

Arne Simonsen (I) – Qualified on 8/4/20

Dwayne Eubanks

Ellie Householder – Filed on 8/4/20 (awaiting signature verification)

There were no changes in any of the other city or school board races. This list will be updated when additional registered Antioch voters take out Nomination Papers, withdraw, file or become qualified for the various city or school board races. To see the latest list of candidates for all 10 races visit www.antiochherald.com/election-2020.

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Mayor Sean Wright files papers for re-election

Re-elect Monica Wilson for Council 07-18-20

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