Suspected DUI driver ejected in rollover crash with second car in Antioch, Saturday night

Car driven by suspected drunk driver (right) struck and landed on the front of the other vehicle (left) on James Donlon Blvd. in Antioch Saturday night, August 6, 2020. Photos: anonymous source.

By Allen Payton

According to Antioch Police, about midnight Saturday night, August 6, 2020 a female driver hit the median of James Donlon Blvd. causing her vehicle to rollover. She was ejected from the car through the windshield.

She is suspected of being drunk and was taken to the hospital. The incident is still under investigation.

According to a source who chose to remain anonymous, the driver’s car hit another vehicle with two people inside, causing “front end and hood damage.”

“Yes, she got ejected. She did have vomit on her and it looked like a head injury,“ the source wrote about the driver who caused the accident, adding that her car “knocked down a pole” and “ended on its roof.”

The driver and passenger of the other car “are doing fine” the source shared.

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