Letters: Antioch Woman’s Club condemns protest at school district offices

Dear Editor:

The members of the Woman’s Club of Antioch are outraged and extremely disappointed in the behavior and actions of the protesters of the Antioch School Board meeting of August 5th. Banging on walls and windows in an attempt to stop the board meeting is not a peaceful protest and should have been stopped the moment it started. Further protesters that pushed and shoved two women board members, causing minor injuries, should have been charged with assault.

Blocking board members’ departure, requiring them to get police escorts home, is unacceptable behavior.  It causes one to ask, “Who raised these people?” Were you taught to shove your grandmother around or shout and scream to get your way? One of our board members is now over 80 years old and this behavior was a traumatic experience. You should be ashamed. We might conclude this is a result of State school laws changing over these many years prohibiting teachers to take any discipline against unruly students thereby diminishing the level of education for all students in a classroom.

There is no excuse allowing this behavior on the part of the protesters. In fact, we are currently experiencing the most significant movement for equality since the 1960’s and Martin Luther King, Jr’s peaceful marches. Significant as it unifies all peoples under the banner of Black Lives Matter. These unruly protesters threaten the success of this movement by alienating the public and furthering the attempt to divide us again.

It is time for all members of our community to speak out against violence and to speak for equality, reason and civility to bring our nation back together. We do this by VOTING and by denouncing violent behavior. Antioch will not be another Portland as long as good people speak up for our democracy.

The Woman’s Club of Antioch has supported our schools, students and education and our community since our inception in 1902.  118 years later we still support and stand with our elected representatives in the community.


Angela deVictoria, President              Lynn Confetti-Ledbetter, 1st VP Mount Diablo District

Elizabeth Rimbault, Auditor              Teresa Hernandez-Cain, 1st VP Antioch

Bari Costello, member                        Lanette Clark, 2nd VP Antioch + numerous members

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