Family argument leads to gunshots, domestic violence arrest and illegal gun confiscation in Antioch Monday afternoon

Antioch Police Officers speak with neighbors following the multiple part incident on W. 4th Street Monday afternoon, August 3, 2020. Photos by Allen Payton.

No one struck by bullets, but pit bull released by one person involved in argument bites arm of another involved party, and “good Samaritan” sprays bear repellant on man fighting with girlfriend

By Allen Payton

An Antioch Animal Control Officer was on the scene to deal with the pit bull bite of one of the involved parties.

Multiple Antioch Police Officers and Animal Control arrived on the scene of a family dispute, gunshots and domestic violence incident in the 300 block of W. 4th Street Monday afternoon about 3:30 p.m.

According to neighbors who heard the gunshots, but didn’t see the incident, they saw two cars speed away from the scene and a car of an uninvolved neighbor was struck by one of the bullets.

According to Antioch Police Corporal Brian Rose, “a disturbance and argument happened among a variety of family members. During the argument, someone, and we’re not sure who, released a pit bull and it bit the arm of one of involved parties.”

“Then, somehow, we don’t know who or how, a gun dropped to the ground according to the involved parties there, and fired off a couple rounds,” he continued. “How or who, that’s still a mystery. We found two shell casings at the scene to confirm. No one was struck. There may have been some kind of struggle over the gun, but no one was forthcoming.”

“One of the involved parties, a male, one of the primary aggressors, was there with his girlfriend – he was having a beef with her family,” Rose explained. “They get into her vehicle and fled the scene. Then, as they were fleeing something happened between them and caused a domestic violence situation. He put his hands on her and it left her face bleeding. They were outside the car on the street and witnesses saw it and reported it.”

Two Antioch Police Officers confer while on the scene of the incidents.

“A good Samaritan tried to come to the aid of the female and sprayed bear repellant on the male but, some of it sprayed the female, too. The domestic violence suspect had his own can of pepper spray and tried to spray the good Samaritan but missed,” Rose stated.

“Then one of the domestic violence suspect’s friends came by and picked up the suspect and they left the scene,” he said. “We were provided with a description of the friend’s car. An officer saw a car that matched the description and stopped the car, which was the right one, and was able to detain the domestic violence suspect.”

“However, the female was uncooperative, not wanting to provide any information saying, ‘I don’t know who this guy is and he just jumped into the car,’ trying to protect her boyfriend,” said Rose. “But we were able to find out from family members that he was her boyfriend.”

APD Officers speak with an uninvolved neighbor whose car was reportedly struck by one of the bullets a block away from the incidents.

“We were also able to recover the firearm in the female’s vehicle with the serial number obliterated, filed off which is illegal, but we couldn’t pin it on anyone, because she said it was hers but some people at the scene heard the boyfriend say, after the gun dropped on the ground, ‘grab my gun, grab my gun,’” Rose explained.

“Even though she doesn’t want to be treated like a domestic violence victim, she is, so we weren’t going to arrest her,” he added.

“At the end of the day, we arrested the domestic violence suspect, not because of anything the victim said, but based on what witnesses said, and we seized the gun,” Rose concluded.

Asked about the dog he replied, “Yes, the dog was taken away.”

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