Contra Costa Elections update: All voters will be mailed a ballot for November election

Change affects less than 25% of Contra Costa voters; polling places will be available

By Scott Konopasek, Assistant Registrar of Voters, Contra Costa County

For more than 560,000 vote-by-mail voters in Contra Costa County, voting will look the same as it always has. For the 160,000 voters who have not previously voted by mail, the November voting experience may be new.

To make sure these voters know they will receive a ballot in the mail and to help them successfully cast their votes, the Elections Division is reaching out with an informative direct mail piece this week. Voters who traditionally vote by mail will not receive the notification.

Voters receiving this mailing can update their signature on file by signing and returning the postage paid postcard.

According to Elections Office staff, there will also be approximately 120 polling places for those who want to vote in person. The locations have not been finalized as of  yet. Even the mandatory vote-by-mail precincts will have them, which they don’t usually do.

“While very few ballots are not counted because of unmatched signatures, we want voters to update their signature we have on file, if they believe their signature has changed.” said Debi Cooper, Clerk-Recorder-Registrar. “We want to be sure every ballot can be counted.”

Because ballots are mailed to a voter’s residence address, all voters should check their registration status and address on the County’s website or on the Secretary of State’s website to ensure they receive their ballot. Ballots are not forwardable.

Voters who wish to follow the status of their vote can track their ballot through the process by signing up for notifications at

Detailed information on the vote by mail process in Contra Costa County can be found at

“I voted” stickers will be included with every vote by mail ballot for this election and return postage is already paid. Voters may also return their ballots at ballot drop boxes located throughout the County.

Allen Payton contributed to this report.

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