Antioch welcomes Rosanna Bayon Moore as New Assistant City Manager

With over 9 years of service as a City Manager, Moore is known as a seasoned and highly regarded professional who gets things done for the community. 

Rosanna Bayon Moore. Photo courtesy of City of Antioch.

By Rolando Bonilla, Public Information Officer, City of Antioch

Antioch City Manager Ron Bernal announced today that Rosanna Bayon Moore will be joining Antioch in late September to serve as Assistant City Manager.  Bayon Moore is the first Assistant City Manager the City has hired since Ron Bernal took over as City Manager in 2017.  Bayon Moore will serve as an integral part of the City team and provide critical support and leadership for City Council priority projects. She will start her new position on September 28.

“I am thrilled to have Rosanna join our team.  She will provide essential leadership and support to the City in moving community projects and the City Council’s priorities across the finish line.  She is a seasoned local government professional and will be a great addition to our leadership team and the community,” said Bernal.  “Her proven track record as a City Manager in getting things done and delivering on challenging projects with limited resources makes her a great match for the City of Antioch.”

Bayon Moore has served as City Manager for the City of Brawley in Imperial County for the past nine years.  During this time, she led the City through significant financial challenges. Bayon Moore expanded quality housing and enhanced the community infrastructure with the addition of a new Fire Station, a new Emergency Operation Center, numerous facility and transportation improvements, and a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant.  Before joining the City of Brawley, Bayon Moore focused on community development efforts in both the public and private sectors including work in New York, San Francisco and Oakland. According to her LinkedIn profile, she served as Regional Affairs Officer for the Southern California Association of Governments, Vice President for Planning and Operations for an engineering firm, and Senior Planner and Chief Operating Officer for a commercial and residential investment, construction and development company.

She describes herself as, “High performance, collaborative management style. Experienced in diverse environments in which planning, engineering and public administration intersect. Well versed in policy analysis, financial management, public affairs, intergovernmental relations, community engagement. Excellent written and verbal capabilities.”

“The City’s community values of integrity, diversity, respect and accountability are a great attraction,” Bayon Moore said.  “It is also clear that quality of life for all residents is front and center as the City works to responsibly cultivate a climate where businesses thrive.  I am honored to join the team and become part of the community of Antioch with my family.”

Bayon Moore is excited about the move to Antioch and will be joined by her husband Dean Syrengelas, a resource teacher, and her younger son Demetrios “Jimmy” who will be a high school sophomore.  Her older son Vasilios is a college freshman at Marshall University in West Virginia, where he will be playing soccer in addition to his studies.

Bayon Moore holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and English from the U.C. Berkeley, a Master of Public Administration degree from Columbia University and is an alum of the Northern California Coro Fellows Program.

Allen Payton contributed to this report.

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