Catalytic converter thieves hitting Antioch, region hard, local muffler shop offers solution

APD photos of catalytic converter theft on June 11, 2020 in Antioch. Inset of installed catalytic converter cover available from Blue Chip Muffler in Antioch.

By Antioch Police Department & Allen Payton

Our city and the entire region are still getting hit pretty hard with catalytic converter thefts. These incidents usually during the night, but we had this one on June 11, 2020 at around 8:45 am on L Street near West 6th Street. Thieves seem to prefer hybrid vehicles (especially the Toyota Prius), but also target fleet and higher-profile cars/trucks (for ease of access).

Thieves want the converters due to the high levels of precious metals – platinum, palladium and rhodium – contained in them. When scrapped that can give the thief $375 to $850 or more per converter. The metals can also be made into jewelry and be used for protective coatings.

The unit on a Prius can cost $1,500 to $2,500 to replace depending on where you live. In California, due to California Air Resources Board regulations, you have one option only, the dealer. However, one option is to install a cover over the catalytic converter. Blue Chip Muffler in Antioch offers that solution and according to owner, Donnie Amerson, they just installed covers on two Toyota Prius’, today. They’re located a 802 W 10th Street. Call (925) 754-3636 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Visit their website at

If you spot any suspicious characters casing vehicles in your neighborhood (especially if they have tools and a hydraulic jack), please call Antioch Police dispatch at (925) 778-2441. If you have any information on this specific case, send them a direct message and they will forward to the investigator. Thanks for keeping a look out for your neighbors!

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