Antioch School Board learns of three possible reopening plans

From the AUSD staff slide presentation.

By Allen Payton

During their board meeting on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 the Antioch School Trustees learned of the three possible reopening plans for district schools for the next school year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. AUSD Reopening Plan 2020.21

“Every day we get new information either from the health department,” said Superintendent Stephanie Anello. According to “the governor’s budget, we may have to open in order to receive funding. That’s the information that came out, yesterday.”

Associate Superintendent for Educational Services Christine Ibarra offered the staff report on reopening. “I’m really happy to share what we’ve created this far,” she said. “There is an expectation that we reopen schools fully…with enhanced safety measures.”

Ibarra offered three possible reopening plans in her presentation to the board including hybrid, full distance and full return plans.

Hybrid: If AUSD is able to reopen with social distancing requirements restricting the number of students that can be on campus at any given time, AUSD is prepared to start the year with a model for face to face instruction and distance learning with students on modified schedules.

Full Distance: If, due to state or county restrictions, or a collective decision is made not to reopen our schools for modified in person instruction, AUSD is prepared to open with a revised and fully developed model for distance learning. This option will also be available for parent choice if we open with a hybrid model.

Full Return: If Contra Costa County Department of Public Health provides guidelines to allow schools to fully reopen safely, AUSD is poised to adjust accordingly. Likewise, if the need for school closure arises,we will be prepared for distance learning.

The district is also “considering staggered arrival and departure time. But that might be an inconvenience for families that have students in different grade levels in the schools,” Ibarra said.

Further actions will be taken to obtain parent and community feedback, professional development for teachers, learning loss programming, and parent training and messaging.


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AUSD Possible Reopening Plans 2020.21

AUSD Reopening Plan 2020.21

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