Antioch Police Officers respond to call for police reform ad hoc committee, ask public’s help

By Antioch Police Officers Association

The amazing men and women of the Antioch Police Department need the support of our citizens. Council members Lamar Thorpe and Monica Wilson are attacking the great work being done by the Antioch Police Department. The special meeting set for Tuesday is nothing more than two council members searching for power and using this platform to push their agenda and further their political careers. (See related article)

The APOA believes we can always do better, and will always embrace conversation and positive change to strengthen the relationship with our community. The proposed ad hoc committee is going to give politicians power to create policies within the Police department. No Council should have that power. The department head (chief of police) should be the only one making policies for the police department.

The Antioch Police Department has always maintained a high level of transparency, and will continue to do so under SB 1421. Additionally, The Antioch Police Department has some of the strictest hiring standards in the Bay Area, and will continue to maintain that high standard.

Lamar Thorpe wants power and control over the police department, a profession he knows nothing about and a department he should not be creating policy for.

Please send in your comments to the council showing support for the Antioch Police Department and letting the council know there is no need for an ad hoc committee.

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