Letter writer – removed commissioner had conflict of interest, City should have Code of Conduct program

Dear Editor:

Recent activities brought a flurry of insights and observations which again has divided our City. It is great to be on the sideline at times seeing the arrows fly to and from. The division of community and most of all, reacting to what is considered was with cause. It is particularly important before you attest one’s character, you ensure that you are in the correct position to do so.

The public spoke adamantly for and against this commissioner. The public, many of them constituents of those elected, brought their concerns in during this emergency, public meeting and in private to the mayor and/or councilmembers.

There are two questions which were not brought forward by our city council or staff. These questions bring forth a bigger issue than that of what transcended on social media.

Appointments are not elected positions and as such, we rely on those elected to best review candidates interested in openings throughout the City. When an appointee has had financial ties to the City in which there was financial gain, the candidate should not be considered. When a commissioner is already in a seat of authority, the mayor should remove the commissioner immediately. This is to ensure the commission is unbiased.

Therefore, the first question is: why did the mayor and city council allow a commissioner whose had financial ties with the City to remain in a role of authority?

During council discussion with the city attorney, there was a question implied but sadly not stated well. The question brought forward was in the area of training. I believe the question better stated is, have all commissioners taken a Social Media Code of Conduct program in which there is a test to ensure they understand the implications of any conduct not aligned to their role would then lead to their immediate removal?

In today’s world, it could be blurry to understand one’s view as personal to one that of an appointed role. City staff noted there is a three-day conference where commission members attend which outlines their roles and what is expected of them. But the real question should be, did this commissioner complete the City of Antioch Code of Conduct program?

Furthermore, does the City of Antioch have a Code of Conduct program for their employees, elected official and appointees?

I am not providing an approval or condemnation of this commissioner. I can however state that if you’re going to shame a person, do so with a clean conscience knowing that you provided the tools for their success or they decide to take another path.

If you continue to pull back the layers on this subject and those involved, there will be more to discover which will cloud and divide this City even further.


Gil Murillo

Antioch resident

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