Antioch teen on probation arrested for loaded AR-15, prescription pills Sunday afternoon

Photos by APD.

By Antioch Police Department

On Sunday afternoon, May 24, 2020 one of our officers attempted to make contact with a subject in the area of Buchanan Road and Gentrytown Drive. For unknown reasons, this person decided they didn’t want to talk to us and fled on foot. When our officer caught up to them, they quickly found out that the 60+ prescription pills the person had in their possession may have been the reason they didn’t want to stick around, as well as the fact they were on juvenile probation.

We then paid a house call to conduct a probation search to make sure there wasn’t anything else going on that he shouldn’t be doing. To our surprise, we not only found metal knuckles in his bedroom, but also found a loaded AR-15 rifle. We were fortunate to find this firearm in the fashion in which we did and while it was unfortunate it was in the hands of a juvenile, we are happy to have taken it off the streets before it could be used in any sort of violent crime!

For his troubles, he was eventually given a ride to juvenile hall by our jailer for multiple weapons charges and probation violations.

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APD AR-15 teen 05-24-20

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