Antioch Council honors Jack Roddy for 50 years of community service

“There’s not a prettier place in the world than right here, in Antioch. We’re going to miss Antioch.” – Jack Roddy

Jack Roddy. Herald file photo.

By Allen Payton

During their meeting on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 the Antioch City Council honored Jack and Donna Roddy for their contributions to the Antioch community with a proclamation. Supervisor Diane Burgis and Congressman Jerry McNerney also provided proclamations honoring Jack Roddy. Jack Roddy Proclamation Antioch City Council 05-12-20

“Using a basketball analogy, it would be like having Michael Jordan in your community,” Mayor Sean Wright said about Jack Roddy.

Jack Roddy joined the council meeting by telephone from his new home in Stephenville, Texas.

“I feel very humbled by all these accolades. I’ve been proud to be a resident of Antioch,” he shared. Whenever I traveled for rodeo, I was proud to represent Antioch.”

“We’ve had 50 years of friends. But I’ve had too many injuries to keep the ranch going,” Roddy explained. “But, we’ve left it in good hands. It will be a park for people to enjoy that ranch like we have. We’re going to miss Antioch. Anytime anyone from there comes to Texas, we live in Stevensville. You’re welcome to stay.”

“I appreciate all the kind words and we’re going to miss Antioch,” he added.

“We have a special video that’s been made to honor Jack,” said Wright.

“It was fun, I got to go out and watch them make this video of Jack. For him to tell his stories. For him they’re not stories. He has a book out. He’s just a legend. We’re going to miss him,” said Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock

In the video Roddy said, “There’s not a prettier place in the world than right here, in Antioch.”

Mayor Pro Tem Joy added her thoughts. “Jack and Donna have given their support and life to this community,” she said. “It’s just been remarkable. I really hate to see them go. I wish them the best of luck.”

“Jack you’re just a super nice person who has done great things for our community,” said Councilwoman Monica Wilson. “I remember whenever I’d see you, you always had a smile on your face. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”

“Thank you, Jack and Donna,” added Councilman Lamar Thorpe who was wearing a cowboy hat in the Roddy’s honor. “When I first moved to Antioch, one of the very first names you hear about is Jack Roddy. Thank you for your philanthropy. I still remember taking my daughter to your ranch and seeing all the cattle. Thank you for opening your home to us and the community. Best wishes in Texas.”

“Jack, it’s been great. I’ve had the honor and privilege of bringing my friends from Chichibu, Japan out to your ranch…to have that real Western, cowboy experience,” Wright added. “I’m excited for Deer Valley Park and your ranch for being a place of education. You will be remembered in Antioch and you and Donna will be missed.

Following is the proclamation approved unanimously by the council:



MAY 12, 2020

WHEREAS, Jack Roddy was raised in San Jose’s eastern foothills and became a rodeo legend following a nationally renowned career including several national titles and Hall of Fame recognition;

WHEREAS, Jack and his wife Donna settled in the beautiful valley on the southern edge of Antioch at the base of the Mt. Diablo foothills where he built a very successful cattle and ranching operations;

WHEREAS, Jack Roddy has dedicated his time, money, and personal resources to making Antioch a better community since his arrival;

WHEREAS, in 1989 Jack was a founding member of the Delta Advocacy Fund, which was created to bring needed resources to those residents facing life emergencies and has provided

more than $500,000 to families throughout Antioch and East Contra Costa County;

WHEREAS, Jack willingly opened up his ranch for fundraising events and personally welcomed

thousands of guests that shared his desire to support many community efforts;

WHEREAS, in 2013 Jack hosted a Barbecue to support Antioch City Councilman Gary Agopian, who was battling brain cancer, Jack raised over $40,000 to support Gary and his family during this difficult time;

WHEREAS, Jack has been instrumental in raising additional funds to assist the Antioch Police Department, Chichibu Sister City Program, Mayor’s Cup golf tournament, Mangini Agriculture Museum and Gardens, and many other city programs; and

WHEREAS, for decades Jack participated in efforts to preserve his ranch lands, including Roddy Ranch Golf Club, to protect the habitat and to expand recreational opportunities in East Contra Costa which will provide a 3,254-acre, regional park for everyone’s enjoyment.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, SEAN WRIGHT, Mayor of the City of Antioch, do hereby honor Mr. Jack and Donna Roddy for more than forty years of service, support and land stewardship that enriches the Antioch community and all its residents.


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