Letter writer says county requiring face masks is unlawful but will comply, for now

My fellow Americans. In these trying times we must be ever vigilant of our surroundings but most importantly our common sense and gut reaction. My father, being of few words always press into our psyche.

“Think to do. Don’t do to think!”

With that I publicly declare, especially with this apparent plandemic.

“I do not assume! I do not consent!   However, I do under duress follow these recommendations under the purported information we are being fed.  Therefore, let it be known I will not give up my God-given rights indefinitely! And I hope neither will you. This plandemic shall pass. And I will fight with all my might to regain my rights.

Please feel free to mirror these sentiments and tell ten people that tell ten people.  You are not alone with these observations. We are being conditioned and trained for the new “normal” over a flu.

Not on my watch!

“One can lose one’s rights for a stick of gum.  But it takes a bloody nose to get it back!”

Fernando Navarro


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