Class of 2020 high school graduations in Antioch will take place, just later

Following the announcement by Governor Newsom on Wednesday that schools will not reopen this session, Antioch Superintendent of Schools, Stephanie Anello sent this letter to parents:


Good afternoon again families. We know the announcement of school closing until the end of the school year is very difficult for all families and in particular for our graduating seniors. Please know:

-Any student who was on track to graduate will graduate and receive their diploma.

-Graduations will be held at a later date, but your child will be celebrated!

-UC, CSU, and most private colleges just announced that students will be held harmless for this quarter up until the year 2023 so even freshman, sophomores, and juniors will not be affected.

-Seniors and other high school students will receive a grade of Pass or No Mark. No Mark does not affect a student’s GPA.

Again, please know that we will do everything to help you through this difficult time that we can possibly do. Additionally, we know that this has provided a lot of stress for our students. As a result, our counselors will provide a way for your children to participate in online counseling beginning next week if they would like someone to talk to regarding their feelings, etc.

Please take care and be kind to one another. This is a difficult time for so many in our community and your kindness may be the very thing that gives them strength. Together we will get through this.

Stephanie Anello


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