Police K9’s take down suspects from Pittsburg, Antioch in two separate pursuits, Friday night

Antioch Police Officers inspect the Camaro that crashed into parked cars and whose driver fled on foot in Antioch, Friday night, March 6, 2020. Photo by APD.

Stolen car out of Pittsburg, dog detains donut driver in Antioch

Antioch Police K9 Officer Tzak after helping apprehend one of the suspects, Friday night, March 6, 2020. Photo by APD.

By Antioch Police Department

Score two for the good hounds.

Last night (Friday, March 6, 2020) our good friends over at Pittsburg PD called ahead on the horn to tell us they were chasing a stolen vehicle into Antioch on West 10th Street. Our officers, whose sole duty is to protect our city, said “Heck yeah, we won’t tolerate that here!” As we were scrambling a team of our finest night watch officers to help-out, the suspect must’ve sensed we were coming, and decided to test out his cardio skills against Pittsburg PD before we could get there. He soon found out not only does Pittsburg employ a bunch of track star officers, but they also had their loyal canine companion along with them (AKA “Man’s Best Friend”).

While all this was going on over on H Street, one of our officers was patrolling the businesses near Contra Loma and Buchanan when he saw an old school Camaro driving around in circles with the rear plate folded up so nobody could see it. The officer flipped on the red and blues to figure out what was going on, but the driver didn’t wanna chat, and instead drove the wrong way down L Street in an attempt to get away. Our coppers are way too smart for that kinda nonsense, and instead of engaging in a dangerous chase on the wrong side of the road, used the Motorola to alert other officers of what was going on.

A wave of blue uniforms flooded the area and found the Camaro crashed against some parked cars on West 5th Street a block away from our headquarters. The driver decided he wasn’t gonna wait around, and obviously knew what was coming, so he opted to hop, skip, and jump over fences into our neighbors’ backyards.

Swing watch officers, who were about to head home, poured out of the police station and joined our night watch on a containment perimeter. Officer Shipilov and his loyal canine sidekick Tzak arrived at the scene and began sniffing around. While doing so, the suspect thought it would be a good idea to go onto the roof of one of our fine resident’s houses, which in turn announced his location, and helped us locate him. He decided he wasn’t gonna go down easy, and Tzak (pictured below sticking his tongue out at the cameraman shortly afterwards) helped bring an end to his night of recklessness. Both bad guys were united at the County Jail, where they got to tell everyone not to mess around in Antioch or Pittsburg!

Our officers receive ongoing training and have strict policies when it comes to chasing vehicles. Our first priority is your safety, and we always weigh the risks versus rewards of chasing, against whether we can catch ‘em another way. We are thankful no innocent people were hurt in these incidents and the bad guys went to jail. We also appreciate the assistance of our awesome residents, both on H Street and West 5th/6th, while we looked for both suspects.

If you see Tzak on the streets, can you give him a “Good boooooy?”

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