Antioch family and co-workers offer free flowers from wholesale flower business while they last

Erika Ortiz (center front) and co-workers of Ortiz Wholesale Flowers in San Francisco are giving away bundles of flowers to each family who wants one from her home in Antioch.

By Allen Payton

Antioch resident Erika Ortiz, her family and co-workers, who operate Ortiz Wholesale Flowers in the San Francisco Flower Mart, are offering a literal truck load of free flowers to anyone who wants them, as long as supplies last.

With the shelter in place order in San Francisco, Contra Costa and four other Bay Area counties, they can’t operate their “non-essential” business. Instead of just throwing away their flowers, they’re giving them away.

If you want a bundle, stop by 1013 Burwoood Way in Antioch and pick one up on your way to or from the store, today.

Ortiz Wholesale Flowers is located in Stalls #24 and # 31A at the flower mart located at 644 Brannan St Ste 24, San Francisco, CA 94107 you can reach them at (415) 724-4967.


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