Writer prays for healing and hope over fear in response to shooting death of Deer Valley High student

Dear Editor:

The shooting and death of the 16-year-old at Deer Valley High School puts a mark of fear and dismay in the hearts of all Antioch residents.  We are praying that our school board members along with school administrators will come together in one heart and mind to bring healing and hope to students, faculty, families and residents in a very dark hour in our city. Perhaps even local pastors of our many churches can rally together in promoting peace, love, forgiveness and reconciliation in our high schools.

During the President’s State of the Union Address he spoke of allowing prayers in schools – does this mean teachers and pastors can initiate prayers on behalf of students’ needs – it would certainly be beneficial to those students involved in last week’s shooting, and to any that have been traumatized by it.

Our community, as a whole needs to be united in bringing closure and resolution to this serious problem.

Nick Culcasi


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