Supporters offer argument in favor of Antioch school district’s $105 million bond Measure T

By Allen Payton

The Antioch School Board placed a $105 million school improvement bond on the March 3 ballot known as Measure T. According to the ballot language if passed, it will create School Facilities Improvement District #2 and provide funds for “renovating classrooms, upgrading school safety and security systems, improving technology and energy efficiency, upgrading science labs, modernizing schools, and repairing / replacing roofs.” (See related article)

It will raise “an average of $7,000,000 annually for 36 years, at a rate of 6 cents per $100 of assessed value” and have “independent oversight and accountability.” So, a home valued at $500,000 will have an annual assessment of $300.

According to the text of the ballot measure, the SFID #2 covers “the area of Antioch previously impacted by Mello Roos assessments. The Mello Roos District was dissolved in 2016. The Mello Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982 provided funds for the District to build schools during a period of rapid growth within Antioch Unified School District. The Mello Roos assessment helped pay for the construction Carmen Dragon Elementary, Diablo Vista Elementary, Jack London Elementary, Lone Tree Elementary, MNO Grant Elementary, Black Diamond Middle School, Dallas Ranch Middle School, Orchard Park K-8 School, Deer Valley High School, and Dozier-Libbey Medical High School.”

This bond measure placed only before the voters in SFID#2 will provide funds to improve and maintain all of the schools within the former Mello Roos area. The funding will be provided over eight years with priorities set by the school board and monitored by an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee.

Following is the ballot argument in favor of the measure. There was no one who provided an argument against the ballot measure.

A Yes vote on Measure T will provide a reliable, local source of funds to modernize, renovate and upgrade schools built after 1989. The District is committed to providing all students a quality education in a safe, modern learning environment that supports the achievement and success of local children in the community.

We need to modernize classrooms and technology, improve school safety, upgrade fields and playgrounds, and repair or replace roofs, heating, plumbing and air conditioning to make schools more energy efficient.

A Yes Vote on Measure T will:

  • Upgrade technology and network infrastructure to provide students with better access to classroom technology.
  • Modernize and upgrade science labs and classrooms
  • Upgrade and improve athletic fields, facilities, and playgrounds
  • Repair aging roofs, plumbing, and electrical
  • Install and repair heating and air conditioning units
  • Upgrade vocational education programs and facilities

All of the funds will be monitored by an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee. No employee or vendor of the District may serve on the committee. In addition, the District must conduct annual performance audits to ensure that bond proceeds are only spent on specific local school facility projects. No funds can be spent on administrator or teacher salaries.

Passage of Measure T will help the district pay for necessary repairs and upgrades keeping our schools safe and well-maintained and leaving more money to retain quality teachers and academic programs.

Good schools define great communities.

Quality schools and classrooms protect and enhance our property values and support the learning of our local children Measure T’s investment in our schools is the best way to protect and preserve our property values, spur economic development, and create local jobs. Every child deserves to learn in quality school facilities.

Please Vote Yes on Measure T.

William Brannon, Owner – Big Sky Logos

Amanda Ferguson, AUSD Parent

Blair Wilkins, Principal

Steve R Sanchez, Antioch High School Athletic Director

Patricia Campbell, Teacher AUSD

2 Comments to “Supporters offer argument in favor of Antioch school district’s $105 million bond Measure T”

  1. ant martinez says:

    how about us tax payer having to pay for deputy’s lunches and put that money towards kids who can’t afford lunch or to our schools why must deputy’s get lunch at work but kids can’t get lunch. them deputy’s get paid. if they don’t get paid good wages find another job. there isn’t a hungry child can do on their own to get they own lunch.

  2. None’ says:

    I will be voting NO! I paid my fair share of Mello Roos assessments in my tax bill for 25 years to have schools and other facilities built. Will you come back whenever YOU fail to plan for more, saddling homeowners with even more debt/assessments? No thank you. Enough is enough!

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