Antioch Council approves $50,000 in Civic Enhancement Grants for community organizations

By Allen Payton

During their meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 11 the Antioch City Council approved allocating $50,000 in Civic Enhancement Grants to community organizations that coordinate events and activities, and provide other benefits for the city.

City staff administers the grant program and the Parks and Recreation Commission reviews the applications and provides a recommendation to City Council for final approval.

A total of $77,800 for 11 requests were made by the various organizations and the commission recommended the council approve nine of the requests.

But, before they could, a bit of musical chairs was played by three council members who had to recuse themselves from voting on various grants due to conflicts of interest.

Councilwoman Monica Wilson said she would be recusing herself because of a conflict of interest on one of the funding items.

“As the president of Celebrate Antioch Foundation I will recuse myself,” said Mayor Pro Tem Joy Motts.

Celebrate Antioch Foundation runs the annual Holiday DeLites Parade and Celebration, the Independence Day Parade, Fireworks and Celebration, and other events in Rivertown, and received $20,000 of the $50,000 in grants.

“If we recuse ourselves, do we stay or leave the room?” asked Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock.

“What if I just abstain?” Motts asked.

“You are recusing yourself and not abstaining,” said City Attorney Thomas Smith.

“Whatever you say,” responded Motts, as she left the dais and the room for the vote.

Then Wilson and Motts returned and Ogorchock recused herself from voting on the funds for the Veterans Memorial Banner Program, which she has been instrumental in creating and implementing, and received a $5,000 grant.

All the following items were adopted on unanimous votes of those council members in attendance for each vote:

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Civic Enhancement Grants 2019-20

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