Antioch coffee roaster partners with Brentwood distillery to create new adult beverage

The country’s first zero-sugar coffee liqueur: CoffeeBooze

Based in Brentwood, California, Bay Area Distilling Company is proud to launch the country’s first distilled spirit coffee product, named BADBRO’s CoffeeBooze.™  Aimed at the health concerns of today’s consumers, CoffeeBooze is an all-natural product that combines the signature medium roast coffee from local Antioch roaster, Big House Beans, with award-winning artisan craft distilled spirits to create a zero-sugar cold brew beverage set to launch on March 1, 2020.

Combining everyone’s favorite drinks—coffee and alcohol—CoffeeBooze (35% ABV-70 Proof) is a natural, sure to generate quite a “buzz” in the health-conscious consumer market, especially for those on the popular low-carb Keto diet.    The local distiller and coffee roaster, both award-winning artisans in their respective crafts, decided to collaborate to produce this new specialty coffee in a cold brew style, made with meticulously roasted, ethically-sourced coffee beans and grain neutral spirits—complete with no sugar, corn syrup or artificial ingredients.    The makers added organic cacao and organic vanilla bean to enhance the coffee profile of their delicious cold brew beverage, featuring notes of Baker’s Chocolate and Currant.

“We wanted to disrupt the liqueur space and replace the old sugary stuff with a revolutionary option,” the curators of CoffeeBooze explain.

“For decades, the industry has force fed its customers high sugar, corn syrupy, low-ABV coffee liqueur products, many containing well over 20 grams of sugar per 1.5-ounce shot,” Bay Area Distilling Company founder Donny LaFlamme asserts.   “Beyond all that unhealthy sugar, the White Russian of yesterday was laden with artificial flavors, artificial colors, and gut-harmful emulsifiers not fit for a ‘fit’ human’s consumption. Who needs “fake booze” when you can have a clean, all-natural alternative!”

CoffeeBooze is expected to be on Bay Area shelves soon at Total Wine & More stores and at a growing list of select retailers and drinking establishments throughout California.  Bay Area Distilling Company is based in Brentwood, CA, where it produces Golden State Vodka, Golden State Corn Whiskey, and Golden State Bourbon Whiskey (all Platinum SIP Award Medalists).  Made with world-famous Brentwood sweet corn, all Golden State spirits are gluten-free and contain no added sugar.  BADBRO’s is a joint venture involving Bay Area Distilling Company and a private curator, and the first of several anticipated future private label brands in niche market categories.  Big House Beans is an award-winning San Francisco Bay Area-based coffee roaster and wholesaler with cafes in Brentwood as well as Walnut Creek and Oakland (both coming soon).

For more details and/or delicious, low-carb CoffeeBooze cocktail recipes, follow CoffeeBooze on Instagram or visit and sign up for their newsletter.  Inquiries may also be directed to Donny LaFlamme, Bay Area Distilling Company Founder/Distiller, 415-509-6885.

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