Antioch’s “Birdman” named for flipping off people dies at age 29

Kenny ‘Birdman’ Booker with his usual greeting (photo from Facebook) and with reporter Luke Johnson and Marcus Malu. (Photo from Luke Johnson)

By Luke Johnson

One of the most legendary figures in Antioch has died.

Kenny Booker, 29, better known as the “Antioch Flip Off Guy” or “Birdman” passed away Saturday from congestive heart failure, the family confirms.

Booker became a local legend for saluting people with his middle finger in Antioch and parts of Pittsburg.

“He was a loving kid,” said his father, Kenneth Booker Sr. “Never hurt no one. He just did that thing with his finger, but that was his way of saying, ‘Hi.’”

Kenny Booker was dealing with borderline bipolar and schizophrenia disorders, his father said.

Although he was notorious, Kenny Booker was “well liked.” After his death was reported to the public Monday, his father said many people came to his house to give their condolences.

The Contra Costa Coroner and Pittsburg Police Department also confirmed his death. Pittsburg PD said Kenny Booker was dealing with ongoing health problems for the past few years. His father said he thinks it was caused by his son’s recent weight gain.

Kenny Booker was described by many to be a “gentle giant.”

“He was smarter than people thought he was,” said Marcus Malu, a close family friend. “I had full conversations with him. He loved to talk smack. He was also a big Niner fan.”


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23 Comments to “Antioch’s “Birdman” named for flipping off people dies at age 29”

  1. Jack Holtorf says:

    I always gave him a thumbs up and once he waved back

    • Antioch Resident says:

      He was disrespectful to say the least. He once flipped me off after I waved to him and he stood in the way of my vehicle and wouldn’t move until I got out and confronted him. He cussed me out and continued to flip me off as he walked away after being confronted by me, it’s sad everybody praises this guy for being a nuisance. According to APD he has a criminal history, yet he’s a saint, only in Antioch such rubbish exists, pathetic, but my condolences go to the family, nobody deserves to depart at an early age.

      • Nisha says:

        You could’ve kept that to yourself! #RIPBirdman

      • Shame on you says:

        Have you ever heard of that old saying if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all? That especially applies to people who have died. Do you think his family appreciates your comment? Do you think you have brought them comfort in their time of need? Have you made mistakes in your life? It was obvious that he had issues but to speak unkindly in a time like this is cruel and unnecessary.

      • Kenny Gee says:

        Get over it cupcake. He had mental health issues. He was harmless and his death at such a young age doesn’t need your hatred. Mental health issues does not make him a nuisance. You’re the nuisance.

      • Cyn Cityy says:

        I’m sure he could tell good people from ugly people, I can’t say I blame him that situation lol #FlyHighBirdman

      • Cyn Cityy says:

        I’m sure he could tell good people from ugly people, I can’t say I blame him in that situation lol #FlyHighBirdman

      • Donald trump says:

        You should’ve left that comment to yourself! Smh! Start off talking down on him then send your condolences to the family smh everyone knew Kenny had a mental issue but didn’t mean no harm to no one

      • Pittsburg Resident says:

        Unbelievable! YOU are the disrespectful one to leave such a comment on a memorial page! You are not the only person he flipped off or cussed out, but others have common sense to keep their comment to themselves!

      • RIP Birdman says:

        You’re a pos if you can’t understand that he had mental issues and that WAS his greeting, and instead of doing what EVERYONE else does and wave, you had to start s*** with him, so he cussed you out. He wasnt the nuisance. YOU are. Who the h*** bullies a disabled person? I hope someone says something equally as disgusting about you when you die, but its doubtful, seeing as not as many people will care when you do.

      • Deena says:

        Wow you must know ZERO about mental illness. People were not praising him for his ” tik” they decided to make the best of it once they realized he was harmless. This is community inclusion at it’s finest. Your comment is the only disrespectful thing here.

      • Andy says:

        You could of kept tha to ur self.. everyone knows him and we knew tha was part of his condition. Of course
        if u didn’t knw who he was,you were going to fill in some type of way , But he wasn’t never harmless. RIp, my condolences to his family.

      • Antioch Res says:

        it’s clear that you’re someone who lives in the past, dwells in negativity, and has issues with forgiving/moving forward… you’ll forever remain stagnant if you don’t overcome these issues. Boy, you must have a terrible life to not know how to move on. i feel terrible for those who have to deal with you. Seek some help asap!

    • Mia says:

      I always liked Kenneth. He used to come and eat dinner with us every Sunday at church. He would also come in my job and say hi to me all the time. I would always tell him that Jesus loved him! When I would see him flipping people off, I would just say hey Kenneth! and he would stop, smile and say hi. He was a big teddy bear. Never hurt anyone. You will be missed Kenny. Praying for your family.

  2. Ian Rozzano says:

    It was an honor to have been flipped off by this man.

    I just know he’s up there giving God the finger.

  3. Stephanie L says:

    I met him at A Wellness class a few months back. Kenny was such a funny guy and not harmful. He made everyone smile and I’m also a Niner fan. I knew him by Kenny. Someone recently told me people called him flippy. You will be greatly missed Kenny. My deepest condolences to his family.

  4. Big mime says:

    This guy always put a smile on my face seeing him around town. Ya he was flipping people off but never saw him throwing stuff at cars or anything. At first when I seen him I was like WTF, then after seeing him flipping every car I was like Oh, ok hahaha. Some people dont like it and dont like him for flipping em off but he did make me crack up everytime I seen him around town. RIP

  5. Anthony Huber says:

    I hadn’t seen birdman much the past few years. The last time I seen him I helped a couple dudes, keep a couple of dudes from whooping his butt, they weren’t from Antioch, and they didn’t want nothing to do with folk from the yoch, I’m glad I was there that day birdman! RIP #flyhighbirdman

  6. Allyson Anello says:

    Rip Bird man.He lived right around the corner from me. Never hurt anyone RIP

  7. Ravéén Kelley says:

    Dear Kenny I want to say you shall be missed and you were a great and kind spirit although many did not understand you and some did not know of your disabilities you were loved and cared for by many and cherished by just as many my experiences with him throughout my years were great including one instance where this man and his child were in a car driving and he flipped off the car I knew of his disability there for therefore my cousin and I stopped the man once he got out of his car began to verbally ridicule him and was about to physically assault him and clarified and relay the information to the man thus resulting in him getting back in his car and proceeded down the street Kenny you were a great soul my deepest condolences go out to your family and I hope that God holds you near to him r i p Kenny reside in Paradise.

    • Scarlett says:

      Oh,we will truly miss you. No wonder we havent seen you in past few months. We had always looked forward to seeing you cross the Leland/Somersville intersection and flip everyone,always cracked us up! Id never forget seeing you flip the patrol!Hahah Best laughtrip! RIP #flyhighbirdman

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