Repair efforts underway to ruptured sewer line in downtown Antioch

December 4, 2019 (Antioch): Delta Diablo is currently working to repair a sewer line that ruptured and caused an overflow of untreated wastewater (i.e., raw sewage) onto local streets in the vicinity of G Street and 7th Street in Antioch on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, at approximately 2:24 pm. The sewer overflow damaged the roadway surface near G Street/7th Street and impacted a four-block area between G Street/J Street and 4th Street/8th Street.

Delta Diablo immediately responded to the line break by removing the ruptured 24-inch pressurized sewer force main from service within 25 minutes and diverting flows to a parallel line to continue conveying wastewater to the Delta Diablo Wastewater Treatment Plant.

No disruption of wastewater collection services to local residents occurred as a result of this sewer line break. Delta Diablo has notified appropriate regulatory agencies regarding this incident and is meeting all response actions required for sanitary sewer overflows.

Although the immediate action helped reduce the estimated overflow volume to approximately 40,000 gallons, local streets, one residence, and a few parked vehicles were impacted. City of Antioch staff teamed with Delta Diablo staff to contain the spill, clean local streets, and remove collected residual sewage for proper disposal. In addition, Delta Diablo arranged for a cleaning company to begin disinfecting and cleaning the affected local residence, which was completed yesterday evening.

An emergency contractor was on-site by 6:00 pm Tuesday to excavate the area near the sewer line break to investigate the damage and install steel plates over the impacted area to stabilize the roadway. Normal vehicular access and traffic flow was restored by 8:50 pm. Because of Wednesday’s rainy weather conditions, repair activities will begin in earnest Thursday morning and should be completed within the next week, depending on conditions at the site and the extent of sewer line to be replaced and/or rehabilitated.

Delta Diablo (visit has requested that any impacted local residents requiring assistance call (925) 756-1900 to address any potential claims or concerns.

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