Measure C commitment surpassed, 112 sworn officers now on the Antioch Police force

New Antioch Police Department hires with Chief Tammany Brooks (center) are (L-R) Officer Darryl Saffold, CSO Melissa Adams, Crime Analyst Michael Raney, Officer Brendan Lassas and Officer Nathanael Novello. Photos by APD.

By Allen Payton and Antioch Police Department

Christmas came early to Antioch on Monday with the addition of three more police officers to the force. Although it took six years, that brings the total to 112 sworn officers, finally fulfilling and surpassing the commitment from Measure C of the then-mayor and Antioch City Council in 2013. At that time, when there were 89 sworn officers on the force, they promised in the ballot argument hiring 22 officers “immediately” if the voters approved the Measure C half-cent sales tax on the November ballot. It passed overwhelmingly by just over 68% of the vote.

Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks also gave the oath of office to a new Community Service Officer (CSO) and a new Crime Analyst, during the ceremony in the Community Room of the Antioch Police Facility.

Chief Brooks with new Officer Novello.

“I’m excited about the great new additions to our APD family and look forward to increasing the level of service we provide to this community,” said Chief Brooks.

“We have one more (officer) coming the Monday after Christmas too,” he added.

Mayor Sean Wright was happy and shared his thoughts about the achievement.

“This is huge. We are investing in public safety for our community,” he said when reached for comment. “I’m glad we have 112 officers. I’m still pushing to get to 115 which gets us to one officer per 1,000 population which is a great investment in the public safety of our community.” “We also have nine CSO’s, now. We were down to just a couple a few years ago,” Wright continued.

“Chief Brooks has been phenomenal in pushing a great environment and morale for our police officers and we’re excited to have him at the helm,” he added.

Officer Nathanael Novello

Nathanael Novello was born and raised in Orange County. After graduating high school, Nathanael earned an associate degree from Fullerton College. He then transferred to Sacramento State where he earned his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. After college, he was hired by the Nevada Department of Corrections. Nathanael then transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He worked as a Correctional Officer and Special Operations Response Team operator at the maximum-security federal penitentiary in Atwater, CA for four years. He then pursued his vision of becoming a police officer and was hired by the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office. During his three years at the sheriff’s office, Nathanael served as a patrol deputy, detective, and member of the SWAT team.

For the last two years, Nathanael has had the desire to work as a police officer for the City of Antioch and he is thrilled about serving our community.

Chief Brooks with new Officer Saffold.

In his free time, Nathanael enjoys watching the Chicago Bears almost make it to the playoffs, woodworking, and volunteering at the food bank.

Fun Fact: The name Nathanael, with a “a-e-l” at the end has the Biblical meaning of “Gift from God”.

Officer Darryl Saffold

Darryl Saffold was born at Camp Pendleton and raised in Oceanside, CA. Darryl moved to the Bay Area in 2007 and put himself through the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Academy in 2009. Darryl was eventually hired by the Contra Costa Community College District in 2013 and worked there for two-and-a-half years. He then went to the Walnut Creek Police Department, where he worked for four years prior to joining to the City of Antioch. Darryl is currently attending National University to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

In his free time, he enjoys watching his kids play sports and working out.

Fun Fact: Darryl was hired by the Contra Costa Community College District Police Department 20 days prior to his Academy Certificate expiring.

Chief Brooks with Officer Lassas.

Officer Brendan Lassas

Brendan Lassas was born in Tracy and raised in Stockton. When he was a senior in high school, he took a class taught by a retired San Joaquin County Sheriff’s detective. He enjoyed the class so much that he applied for and was hired as a cadet at the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Office when he turned 18. After attending CSU Stanislaus, and working as a cadet, he was sponsored to attend the San Joaquin Delta College Police Academy with San Joaquin SO. He graduated the Academy in September 2014.

Brendan’s assignments have included patrol and K9. He was partnered with K9 Rony for two years. Brendan is excited to work for the City of Antioch and is looking forward to this new chapter in his Law enforcement career.

In his free time, Brendan enjoys playing softball and spending time with his girlfriend and family.

Fun Fact: Brendan is a member of the 2019 Police Softball World Series Champion team, Stanislaus Combo.

CSO Melissa Adams

Chief Brooks with CSO Adams.

CSO Melissa Adams was born at Stanford and was raised in Redwood City. She graduated from Sequoia High School in 1996. Prior to working for APD she worked in Oakland in the Environmental Engineering field. Melissa was also a Police Report Transcriber for Richmond PD, which started her love for working in law enforcement.

During her free time Melissa volunteers at her children’s schools and is an avid gardener. She also enjoys cooking and hanging out with her three dogs, two poodles and one German Shepherd, all three previous residents of Antioch Animal Shelter.

Fun fact: Melissa “borrows” jokes she hears from her kids to tell at work. They don’t like it one bit.

Crime Analyst Michael Raney

Chief Brooks with Crime Analyst Raney.

Crime Analyst Michael Raney was born in Greenbrae and was raised in Marin County. He graduated from Redwood High School in 1997 and from San Diego State University in 2005. He also obtained a certificate in Criminal Intelligence and Analysis from Cal State Fullerton. Prior to working for APD, he has worked for Anaheim PD, Concord PD, and San Jose PD. During his free time, Mike likes to watch crime shows and sports.

Fun Fact: Mike got lost in the woods for three days and had to be airlifted using a Navy helicopter.

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