Antioch High students honored for handling medical emergency of fellow student

Antioch High students Dorismar Cervantes and Chris Garcia are honored by Vice Principal Jose Hernandez (left) and Principal Louie Rocha. Photo by AHS.

By Antioch Unified School District 

On Monday, two young heroes surfaced at Antioch High School.

As Dorismar Cervantes was about to exit the restroom in the 1100 hall, she saw that a fellow student looked ill and about to pass out. She was right.

The student, Daniela, was getting weaker despite her friends holding her up.

Dorismar quickly asked one of the friends to get help from nearby teacher Rebecca Quinones, who instructed her AP Spanish student Chris Garcia to assist while she called for help.
Since Chris is a trained lifeguard, he knew what to do. As he approached Daniela, he checked on several aspects, including that her airway was clear.

While waiting for paramedics to arrive, Dorismar and Chris kept vigil over the ill student, who was in and out of consciousness. They kept her in a safe, comfortable and proper position and checked her pulse several times as they knelt near her on the ground.

About 15 minutes later, the paramedics arrived and took over. It turns out the ill student is prone to fainting, especially when extremely stressed or anxious. She recovered by that night and was back at school on Wednesday.

While she doesn’t have official training, Dorismar received some basics from her mother and recently learned some first-aid skills at Los Medanos College.

Quite impressed by these fast-acting and caring students, Principal Louie Rocha and Vice Principal Jose Hernandez presented the dynamic duo with a certificate of appreciation and commemorative Panther Citizen pin. Teachers Edwin Matabuena and Shira Sweitzer suggested and applauded the idea.

“I was really impressed to hear about what you two did,” said Mr. Rocha. “It showed bravery and a willingness to step up. Some people might have just walked away. Thank you for taking care of our student.”

The two seniors reflected on the unusual school day they shared.

Chris said he felt “very proud being able to help and use my skills and knowledge. I felt responsible and calm handling this situation knowing I was able to help someone who is an every day student just like me going through their high school journey.” His family was naturally proud to hear that “I did an awesome deed for a fellow classmate.”

“I’m glad I was there to help her and make sure she didn’t get injured, and my family was happy I did something to help another person,” Dorismar said.

“My mom was glad I paid attention to her and at LMC – that’s why she wants me to become a nurse but I want to have kids and animals,” she added humbly.

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