Former Antioch Rite Aid employee convicted for stealing identity of licensed pharmacist, practicing without a license

Also guilty of possession of controlled substances.

By Scott Alonso, Public Information Officer, Contra Costa District Attorney

Earlier this week, a Contra Costa County jury convicted defendant Lisa K. Brown of Fremont, California of identity theft and practicing as a pharmacist without a valid license. Brown stole the identity of Lisa Brown of Maryland who is a licensed pharmacist in California and used the victim’s license number. The defendant worked at a Rite Aid in Antioch at the time of her arrest in 2017 and claimed to be a licensed pharmacist for two years.

Brown was also found guilty of possessing controlled substances amphetamine, phentermine, modafinil, codeine and dihydrocodeinone.

The defendant changed her name to Lisa Brown in January 2015 in Alameda County. Her prior name was Lisa Kessler. The defendant was a licensed pharmacist under the name of Lisa Kessler with license number 47276.

Brown obtained the victim’s license number and requested with the Board a change of address and a new identification card sent to an address in Menlo Park, California. The victim never knew the defendant, never requested an address change to Menlo Park nor asked for a new card during this time.

“The defendant did not only put the victim’s pharmacist license at risk, she also placed countless patients’ health at risk by furnishing drugs and medication to them without a valid pharmacist license. I am grateful to the jury for holding the Defendant accountable for her crimes,” said Deputy District Attorney Ryan Morris.

The Antioch Police Department was the lead investigative agency during the case. There was also an administrative investigation conducted by the California Board of Pharmacy.

The California Board of Pharmacy took administrative action against the license of Lisa Kessler. In April 2016 the Board revoked the license of Lisa Kessler.

Brown will be sentenced on December 20 before the Honorable Laurel Brady. She faces up to three years in state prison.

Case information: People v. Lisa K. Brown, Docket Number 05-190018-1


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