Antioch School Board adopts policy requiring commemorative flags flown on separate pole from U.S., state flags

The U.S. and California state flags flying at the AUSD offices.

By Allen Payton

In response to concerns about the district flying the LGBTQ rainbow flag at the district offices and each school, in June, the Antioch School Board adopted a flag policy at their meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 11. Now, any commemorative flag must fly on a separate and shorter pole from the U.S. and California state flags at the district office. However, the policy does not include flying commemorative flags at the schools in the district.

The new language of the policy includes the following:

“Commemorative flags displayed at the District office shall be on a flagpole separate from the flag of the United States and the flag of California if a secondary flagpole is available. The secondary flagpole shall be located in a place of less prominence and shall be at a lower height than the main flagpole.”

In addition, the policy states, “The District will not display a commemorative flag based on a request from a third party, nor will the District use its flagpoles to sponsor the expression of a third party.”

When asked why the schools weren’t included in the policy, Anello simply responded, “It was not party of the policy.” Asked why not, she responded, The Board didn’t request it. But, probably will address that next.

Both Trustees Crystal Sawyer-White and Ellie Householder were also asked why the school sites weren’t included in the policy. Householder responded, School sites are allowed to develop their own policies regarding flying flags.”

The policy was adopted on a 4-0 vote, as Trustee Diane Gibson-Gray was absent. The complete policy can be read, here: AUSD Ceremonies and Observances – after changes

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AUSD Ceremonies and Observances - after changes
AUSD Ceremonies and Observances – after changes

Flags at AUSD office

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