Auto body repair and paint center in Antioch to re-open under new name, will offer better quality product

The Antioch Collision team and “mascot”, Bondo.

By Allen Payton

Now in their eighth year of business in Antioch, the former Maaco location on W. 10th Street will soon become Antioch Collision with the slogan “Your Auto Body and Paint Center”, because that’s what they want to be. They’ll be closed Sept. 2-8 as the prepare for their re-opening on Monday, September 9th.

Offering competitive pricing and complete paints by PPG, they’re making the change “to provide a quality product we can be proud of,” said Manager Jeff Kennedy, an Antioch resident and a key leader of the locally operated team.

“We want to help more people in a better way by offering a better, higher quality process at an affordable price, not just focused on the lowest price,” he added.

Kennedy stressed that their goal is “keeping our customers safe and satisfied.”

He has been part of the team for “going on six years and 20 years in the industry”, he shared.

“We’ll be transforming from a production-type shop into a more customer focused, quality control shop,” Kennedy continued. “We’ll probably end up working on fewer cars, but put our a better product, as a result. We’ve been what this industry considers cheap, quick and easy. Now, we’re moving to a higher-end product, in a more welcoming, customer friendly environment.”
“We’ll be more focused on collision repair, not just paint,” he added.

Another member of the team, it’s youngest and newest, is Sergio Gonzalez, also an Antioch resident, who works as a paint prepper. He just graduated from UTI – Universal Technical Institute, where you “get a little taste of everything, to see if you like something.”

He likes cars and has “always been into cars since I was 12 years old,” Sergio shared.

In his job, he “sands down everything, and cleans and fixes any defects.” It’s his attention to detail that’s key to ensuring there aren’t any bumps and the paint comes out smooth.

Sergio says he treats the cars like they’re his own.

A third team member, Miguel Arroyo, who grew up in Pittsburg, works as a masker and has been with the team for almost five years. Previously he worked at a car detailer in a car wash, which is where he got his start in the automotive service industry.

“I’ve always been into cars since I was small,” Miguel shared.

When it comes to working on cars, he’s a perfectionist. “I’m on it,” he stated.

Miguel said he checks Sergio’s work, then “I blow it down to make sure it’s clean of dirt and ready to go to the paint room.”

He covers all the windows and trim, whatever shouldn’t be painted. A complete job usually takes less than an hour, depending on the size of the car. A spot job will only take just five to ten minutes.

“I treat the cars a little better because they’re not my vehicle,” Miguel added. He works to “make it look cleaner, better and good as new.”

The paint room is probably the most exciting part of the process. It’s an enclosed, separate building inside the shop, in which a car that’s been prepped and masked, is driven in and the painter takes it from there.

If your car needs repair and a new paint job, stop by Antioch Collision – after September 9th – at 1610 W. 10th Street in Antioch or call (925) 755-2447.

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