Antioch foster father and son charged with sexual abuse of multiple children

By Scott Alonso, Public Information Office, Contra Costa District Attorney

Earlier this month, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office charged defendant Simon Chavez, a 64-year-old resident of Antioch, California and his son Simon Magana Chavez, 31-year-old resident of Atwater, California for the sexual abuse of multiple children and unlawfully having sex with a minor.

The elder Chavez was a foster father at his home in Antioch with Contra Costa County’s Children and Family Services. Overall, he fostered young children under his care for at least 18 years.

Simon Chavez entered a not guilty plea to the 63 felonies on July 16 in the Pittsburg Superior Court before the Honorable Leonard Marquez. Chavez is in custody at the Martinez Detention Facility and his bail is $31.5 million.

Chavez’s son, Simon Magana Chavez was arraigned this past Friday in the Pittsburg Superior Court. He pleaded not guilty to the complaint. The younger Chavez is charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors related for crimes against two children, including lewd acts against a child and unlawful sex. As recently as 2018, Simon Magana Chavez was a correctional officer with the state of California. The bail for Simon Magana Chavez is $1.23 million.

Both cases are assigned to Deputy District Attorney Diana Weiss with our Office’s Sexual Assault Unit.

Our Office does not release how a victim may know a defendant in a sexual assault case as well as the age or name of a victim to protect their confidentiality.

The investigation is ongoing and active. Members of the public with information about the case should call Antioch Police Detective Kelly Inabnett at 925-779-6932.

Case information: People v. Simon Chavez, Docket Number 04-197245-4; People v. Simon Magana Chavez, Docket Number 04-197264-5.

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  1. lainey says:

    i was denied custody for my grand children but these child molesters was approved .

    • Hannah says:

      To be frank, being charged with a crime, is not the same as being convicted. Sounds like you have some personal family matters that you are relating to a completely unrelated news story. Hope your family matters resolve soon, best of luck.

  2. Deputy District Attorney Diana Weiss is the right prosecutor to have on this case. She is very competent, will truly represent the victims, and has a penchant for seeing that justice is served.

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