Dozier-Libbey Medical High graduates 135 Thursday night

The Dozier-Libbey Medical High School Class of 2019 turn their tassels to conclude the graduation ceremonies on Thurs., June 6, 2019. Photos by Allen Payton.

Valedictorian Seenam Shah speaks to her fellow classmates.

By Allen Payton

The Dozier-Libbey Medical High School Class of 2019, made up of 135 members, graduated during ceremonies Thursday night, June 6. The event was held in the outdoor amphitheater of Deer Valley High School and was presided over by Kasey Graham, Leadership Advisor & Activities Director who served as Master of Ceremonies.

Student body president Jenna Walker sang the National Anthem and salutatorian Aliha Mughal led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Antioch School Board President Gary Hack encouraged the graduates in his speech.

“Wherever you go, whatever you do, go and do it with all your heart,” he said.

Student speakers included the two valedictorians, Seenam Shah and Jewelina Culcasi, as well as Stephen Caufield, who won a writing competition to be a graduation speaker.

“Dozier-Libbey is literally a barn surrounded by cows,” Shah said to begin. “Every graduate here played a part in the story of the Dozier-Libbey Class of 2019. Everyone had a niche and filled it well.”

She then read a rhyming poem about their shared experience, mentioning various teachers and activities.

Dozier Libbey 2019 graduate Stephen Caufield speaks during the ceremonies.

“You were an amazing class to learn with,” Shah concluded.

“Graduates, we did it,” Caufield said. “Four years ago, we started with a team of 200 students and here we are with a class of 135.”

He mentioned “wearing scrubs every day and being asked what hospital we worked at when we were not at school.”

“Never forget yesterday but, live for today because you never know what tomorrow will bring,” Caufield encouraged his fellow graduates.

Principal Scott Bergerhouse, ending his final year at the school, as he’ll be working in the district office, proudly shared some statistics of the graduating class.

“Seventy students of these 135 have a GPA of 3.0 and above,” he said. “Forty carry a 3.5 and above and 21 carry a 3.8 and above.”

“You have worked so hard…you have toed the line every step of the way. You will be leaders of our future,” Bergerhouse told the graduates. “All of you have touched the lives of our teachers and myself.”

Principal Scott Bergerhouse addresses the graduates.

“You must always stay focused on your good character,” he continued. “Don’t lose touch with these memories. Remember the past but focus on your future. The faculty and staff are proud of you.”

“Pinpoint your passion and remember, no job is beneath you,” concluded Bergerhouse.

Antioch Superintendent Stephanie Anello accepted the school’s Class of 2019, having met all the requirements to graduate. Board President Hack, and Trustees Diane Gibson Gray and Mary Rocha handed the graduates their diplomas. Trustees Crystal Sawyer-White and Ellie Householder were not in attendance.

Following that, valedictorian Culcasi shared her thoughts with her classmates.

Valedictorian Jewelina Culcasi was the final speaker of the evening’s ceremonies.

“We have had a great ride together. We are done. We are so done. We survived and worked hard to get here,” she stated. “We can go out into the world prepared.”

“If you don’t strive for excellence you will never achieve it,” Culcasi said. “Work hard. You will find more satisfaction if you work for your accomplishments than if they are handed to you.

“Moving forwarded our mission should be serving others with the talents God has given you,” she shared.

“The greatest among you will be servants,” Culcasi said quoting Matthew 23:11 from the Bible. “We all have our place in our society.”

She then thanked her teachers and “our families for putting up with us, not just the last four years, but all of our lives.”

“I hope all ya’ll enjoy your summer,” Culcasi concluded. “I wish you well…And God bless the Class of 2019”

Mughal and Marty Jerin Guzman, Co-Class Presidents then led the Tassel Ceremony to end the evening’s events.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Congrats Class of 2019! You’re so far ahead of other kids your age. Have a great summer and go get that job, finish your education. The medical field is one that will never go away!

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