Antioch welcomes Frank Estigoy as new Postmaster

Crystal Jones, Manager Post Office Operations administers the oath of office to Frank Estigoy to be Antioch’s new Postmaster on Friday, April 26, 2019 as Aron Jones, Executive Postmaster, San Jose, CA and Aron Jones, Executive Postmaster, San Jose, CA look on. Photos by Allen Payton.

New Antioch Postmaster Frank Estigoy speaks during his oath of office ceremonies.

On Friday, April 26, 2019 at 10:00 AM, Frank Estigoy followed a proud tradition dating back to a period older than the country itself to become a Postmaster. Although the style of shoes are different, Estigoy steps into similar shoes worn by Benjamin Franklin who served as Postmaster General before the Declaration of Independence was created.

Estigoy took his official Oath of Office as the new Postmaster of Antioch at 10:00 AM at the Antioch Post Office, 2730 W. Tregallas Road, administered by Manager Post Officer Operations, Crystal Jones.

Before the being sworn in, Estigoy displayed one of his talents by playing the ukulele with a small group of local postal workers that performed “Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World” by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo`ole.

“It is the most prestigious position in the organization. It is the highest federal government official in each city in the U.S. unless a congress member resides in that city,” said Aron Jones, Executive Postmaster, San Jose, CA.

He then offered his thoughts about what it means to be a postmaster and about Estigoy.

“He cares about his people and develops his people,” Jones shared. “Frank being around asking how things are, how their family is. It’s not about numbers it’s about people. Frank walks in those footsteps. Frank is an excellent leader.”

Frank Estigoy plays his ukelele with a group of postal workers including singer Dayang De La Cruz during the ceremonies.

Estigoy was presented with a certificate of Congressional Recognition by a representative from Congressman Mark DeSaulnier’s office and a proclamation by Antioch Mayor Sean Wright. Mayor Pro Tem Joy Motts and Councilwoman Lori Ogorchock were also in attendance at the ceremonies.

Estigoy then shared his thoughts.

“Real leadership isn’t about being in charge. It’s about caring for those of whom you are in charge,” he said.

Estigoy shared two quotes he has framed in both his office and in the break room from two of his superiors in the Post Office: “Stay focused and always lead people with integrity and support those you lead,” by Aaron Jones, and “Stay positive, the team will respond to your leadership just stay the course,” by Robert Reynosa, Bay Valley District Manager who was also in attendance at the ceremony.

The purpose of the Post Office is “to bind the nation together. The Post Office has always been there for the community, for the nation. For people to send letters, for loved ones to send notes,” Estigoy stated.

A ukulele-shaped chocolate cake was made by an Antioch postal worker and served in Estigoy’s honor during a luncheon following the ceremonies.

Estigoy began as a letter carrier in Orinda in 1988. A few years later he joined the management ranks as a supervisor at the Fremont Post Office. He was the station manager of the Blossom Hill Post Office in San Jose prior to his selection as Postmaster.

Estigoy is a numbers guy, studying mathematics and statistics at Hayward and San Francisco State University; and he is steeped in the belief that learning never ends and that building strong relationships with people is what matters most.

Jones offered some closing remarks to conclude the ceremony.

“I do appreciate your leadership. You do have this great, engaging personality. Whenever I come here your staff is friendly and engaged,” she said. “I know you will provide great leadership to the people of Antioch.”

As Postmaster of Antioch, Estigoy oversees 121 employees, 50 city routes, 26 rural routes with over 30,000 delivery points (addresses) to a population of 111,64.

Allen Payton contributed to this report.

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    Introducing a new postmaster to the community is one of the most important civic ceremonies conducted by the USPS. The mail binds the country together, and a Postmaster binds his employees to the community they serve.

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