Antioch Friends of Animal Services celebrates 40th anniversary with free adoptions in February

Council honors organization and its Founder and President, Barbara Sobalvarro

From Antioch City Manager Ron Bernal’s Weekly Report 2/4/19

In February, Antioch Friends of Animal Services Founder and President, Barbara Sobalvarro, will be celebrating 40 years of lifesaving service to the pets and citizens of Antioch. In honor of this 40th anniversary, and the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, Antioch Friends of Animal Services will be sponsoring the adoption fees for any animal adopted from Antioch Animal Services during the entire month of February.

In addition, Sobalvarro was honored by the Antioch City Council during their meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 5th. See the complete proclamation, below.

The sponsored fee represents a savings of $96 for dogs, $76 for cats, $15 for rabbits and $7 for hamsters/guinea pigs. All pets available for adoption can be viewed online at or

Please join us, and Antioch FOAS Founder and President, Barbara Sobalvarro, for a Valentine’s Day / 40th Anniversary celebration from 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, February 16, 2019, at the shelter, 300 L Street in Antioch. Refreshments will be served.

To learn more about Antioch Friends of Animal Services and their mission, please visit


WHEREAS, Barbara Sobalvarro was instrumental in the creation and passage of Measure A in 1978 creating a local Animal Control Program in Antioch; and

WHEREAS, Barbara founded Friends of Animal Services (FOAS) in 1979 to ensure the citizens and animals of Antioch have a truly humane, high quality animal shelter that focuses on a “Life Ethic” promoting the placement of the shelter animals into caring and capable homes, thus ending the practice of “elective euthanasia”; and

WHEREAS, FOAS has worked tirelessly to secure outside funding specifically for the shelter animals of Antioch through tax-deductible donations from the public, and as one of four recipients of the Shirley Perry Foundation Charitable Trust; and

WHEREAS, FOAS continually promotes public awareness for the Antioch Animal Shelter, the value of animal life and the importance of spay and neuter through monthly advertisements in the newspaper, via social media, and at community events; and

WHEREAS, FOAS celebrates animal life and their commitment to reverence for life by hosting monthly hospitality days to welcome the public at the Antioch Animal Shelter in order to increase shelter pet adoptions; and

WHEREAS, FOAS sponsors adoption fees at various times throughout the year to relieve overcrowding in the shelter, prevent euthanasia, and to assist new adoptive owners with the expense of adding a new pet into the home; and

WHEREAS, FOAS, in an effort to improve the likelihood for adoption, funds specialized and emergency veterinary care, supplies and equipment that would otherwise be impossible for our shelter animals due to budgetary constraints; and

WHEREAS, FOAS believes in working together to create a better world for our precious animal friends; one in which they are treasured with tenderness and compassion. As Barbara would say, “Seldom does a heart feel better than when you save the life of one of our animal friends.”

NOW, THEREFORE, I, SEAN WRIGHT, Mayor of the City of Antioch, do hereby congratulate Barbara Sobalvarro and the Friends of Animal Services on the occasion of 40 years of outstanding service to the citizens and animals of Antioch.

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Friends of Animals 40th

Barbara Sobalvarro FOAS Proclamation
Barbara Sobalvarro FOAS Proclamation

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