Antioch Police selling T-shirts to raise funds for additional K-9 unit

The Antioch Police Department holds the title of having one of the largest K9 units in the far East Bay. And as much esteem as the hard-working animals hold in the eyes of APD and their handlers, the K9 unit is often underfunded, which puts added stress on the K9s, their handlers and the Antioch Police Department at large.

What Is So Special About a K9 Unit?

Police dogs are believed to be able to do the work of several police officers.  K9 Officers are used to locate and subdue suspects, find missing people or objects, or detect illicit substances, such as drugs or explosive devices.  Dog teams are also able to search an area 50 times faster than a human and can detect a smell up to 500,000 times better, with certainty, than a human can.  Canines that are integrated into a police force are known for being incredibly hard-working, have a desire to cooperate and please their handlers, and have exceptional tenacity when it comes to fighting a criminal, working in detection or on a search and rescue mission.  Law enforcement professionals know that police canines can assist police departments in ways that no other tool can.  There is no doubt that a K9 unit is imperative to the success of most police departments.  This holds to be true for the Antioch Police Department

Why Are Costs High?

As much as police canine units bring value to active police departments, the cost of acquisition and on-going training for both the canines and their handlers can be expensive.   The average cost of a dog is $12,000. Like many police agencies, APD struggles when it comes to budgeting for a new dog. APD is able to budget the costs of care, training and transportation of each of their canines, but acquisition costs can be prohibitive.   During each canines’ 6-8-year career, their handlers manage many of the costs associated with care, including veterinarian visits, food costs and transportation, when the dog is not working.  However, those costs are handled by the police department when each dog is on active duty.

How Can We Help?

Last year, APD was able to add another canine to their K9 Department thanks to the fundraising efforts of a committed Antioch community member.  This year, the department is facing the pending retirement of another dog, meaning the efforts to fundraise for another canine has increased. This time around, the APD K9 Unit has designed a T-shirt as a part of a continuing fundraising effort for the K9 program.  The current design was created by the department’s six current handlers who are assigned the city patrol.  Each K9 partner’s name is incorporated into the design on the back of the shirts and sweatshirts. Although these shirts were originally designed to be sold only in-house, the interest from the community has been large.  Now the shirts have been made available to the public.  Each black shirt is available in a traditional cotton crewneck, a cotton pullover hooded sweatshirt, or a woman’s style V-neck.  There are also youth and tall sizes available.

Prices are as follows:

-Youth sizes S-XL = $15

– Men’s and Women’s styles and sizes S-XL = $20 (in both cotton or dry fit)

– Cotton hooded sweatshirts S-XL = $40

– For XXL or larger or tall sizes = $25 for shirts or $45 for sweatshirts

To order, complete the attached order form, and return, with payment to:

Antioch Police Department

300 L. St.

Antioch, CA 94509

Attn: Corporal Steve McElroy

Please make checks payable to APOA K9 Fund, or should you choose to use Venmo for payment, we are listed as “APDK9.” Please provide all of your contact information in the notes portion of Venmo if this is your method of payment, as well as submitting your form to the above address. If the order form submission is more convenient to email, it should be submitted to

All proceeds from these shirts go directly to the APD K9 unit. The proceeds will be used for a variety of things from training, to equipment, to ultimately purchasing new dogs when the need arises.

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APD K-9 T-Shirts Order Form

APD K-9 T-shirt photos

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  1. Marty Fernandez says:

    The council can buy these additional dogs if they can afford 11 additional employees they are planning on. This is an investment the council should make.

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